Sonic Generations Mod Adds Mario With His Super Mario 64 Moveset

A Sonic modder has added Mario to Sonic Generations, complete with his moveset from Super Mario 64.

Despite being over a decade old now, Sonic Generations still has a pretty healthy modding scene, ranging from character model swaps to quality of life improvements. The latest mod that's caught everyone's attention is one that adds Mario to the game with the exact same moves and control scheme as he had in Super Mario 64.

The mod was created by Skyth and shared on GameBanana earlier in the week. Skyth shared the mod on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. The clip shows Mario running through Sonic Generation's first level as Mario, complete with his standard wall jumps and triple jumps.

What's especially interesting about this mod is that it's not actually possible to complete the whole game with the Mario mod because Mario's moveset doesn't quite match Sonics, making some sections of levels unbeatable.

You can see an example of this in the video that Skyth shared, where Mario has a fair bit of trouble jumping over a pool of lava and gets burned instead. At least he has the same damage animations from Super Mario 64.

Another cool feature of the mod, which you can see a brief clip of in the Twitter video, is the fact that Mario can equip his wing cap at any time to be able to fly around in levels. Players can use it an unlimited amount of times and Skyth says you should, "Utilize it to its best potential".

The mod has seen a lot of attention since being shared on Twitter and quickly went viral when shared. Players have been using it to play through Sonic Generations, although some have noted that levels like Eggman Land are a lot harder with Mario's moveset. One player even shared their level complete screen and revealed that it took them over an hour to get through the level. Guess Mario's wing cap doesn't help all that much.

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