Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Brings Back Its Spooky Outfits

Shadow, Rouge, and Metal Sonic’s Halloween outfits are coming back for a limited time in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

According to Tails’ Channel, players have until November 10 to unlock Reaper Metal Sonic, Vampire Shadow, and Witch Rouge. Speedsters will need to gather enough cards to add these quirky characters to their lineup through two events.

From the 23-31 October, you will need to complete dedicated missions to gain special cards as a part of the Phantom Fête Returns event. Next, between Halloween and November 10, the Graveyard Smash event pits two teams against each other to earn rewards: Team Metal Sonic and Team Shadow. Within this race, you should collect treats and gold rings to get the highest score. By completing missions and matches, you gain cards towards the character unlock. Once you reach a certain amount, you’ll have the ability to unlock them.

To give you a headstart, SEGA has given a free chest to all players of Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. It might not be a lot, but it’s a little something.

The Sonic The Hedgehog series is all over the place as it gears up for an anniversary. In Fall Guys, the beans are cosplaying in a creepy Sonic costume, and you can dress up as your favorite characters from the series in Ninjala. In addition, Sonic will be getting a sequel to his successful blockbuster hit from earlier this year in April 2022.

The actual last game from the blue blur is Sonic Forces from 2017, which was criticized for its laughably easy gameplay and ridiculous storyline. We backed up the game for its great characterization, goofy edgy story that we couldn’t help but like, and lack of bugs in comparison to its predecessors. Sonic Forces was a blast to play through from beginning to end as it filled that easy to play platforming itch in 2017.

The mobile version, Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, is pretty decent too with its competitive Mario Kart-like set up. Three players are racing to the end, and as you go along, you pick up weapons from boxes. Each character has their own weapons to choose from and dishes out damage to stop their opponents in their tracks. Just be informed that this isn’t like the successful Sonic Dash (that had more revenue than the last five Sonic games combined); Forces is multiplayer-only on mobile, not single player.

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