Someone Is Recreating The Walking With Dinosaurs Documentary Via Jurassic World Evolution 2 Mods

That animatronic T-Rex model in the original Jurassic Park movie looked so lifelike, that even after almost 30 years, it's the best rendition of a dinosaur most of us have ever seen. There has been plenty of other media – within and outside the franchise – that has showcased dinosaurs, but even the most cutting edge technology couldn't recreate the same feeling.

Hoverver, one YouTuber has decided that he will try and recreate another dinosaur related IP, the 1999 CGI documentary, Walking with Dinosaurs. Oh, and he's been doing so using Jurassic World Evolution 2 and its mods.

As spotted by PCGamesN, YouTuber Past Eons Productions has been recreating the BBC miniseries using Jurassic World Evolution 2. They have already finished recreating season one using the previous game in the series. Of course, recreating a series is almost impossible with just the base game, so Past Eons dug into the series' rich modding community.

Some of the common mods they use include Free Build, which removes all building and terraforming restrictions, and individual dinosaur ones in case a particular dino is missing from the game – like Levi's Deinosuchus Hatcheri for instance. Past Eons recently put out the first episode of season two for Walking With Dinosaurs and is also working on their own original dino documentary called A Walk With Dinosaurs – pretty similar, yes.

"For this new season, we go back 76.6 million years in the past, to meet the creatures of late cretaceous Laramidia," reads the description for season two. "We will walk among them all year long during a exceptionally dry year, and try to understand their strategies to survive not only against the elements, but also against themselves."

In her review for Jurassic World Evolution 2, our very own Helen Ashcroft said that the game "delivers improvements across the board. It takes the best parts of the original game, adds new ways to play, and changes up mechanics to make them feel more realistic and interesting – making everything more engaging and immersive. Building straight paths and fences is easier, keeping dinosaurs fed is a breeze, and even speeding up time is now possible, yet managing those raptors is still a welcome challenge. While I may not actually be the best dinosaur supervisor yet, I can’t see myself putting this game down for a long time."

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