Someone Has Already Modded Sora’s Grappling Hook Into Kingdom Hearts 3

A modder has added Sora's new grappling hook from Kingdom Hearts 4 into Kingdom Hearts 3, just a few days after it was revealed.

The reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 showed off a lot of new things, but one of the most interesting gameplay additions is the new grappling hook that Sora is seen shooting out of the end of his Keyblade. We only get to see it for a few seconds, but it's already become a fixture of fan art and community speculation.

Not only that, but one dedicated Kingdom Hearts modder, TruebladeModder, has actually created a mod that lets Sora use the grappling hook as an attack in Kingdom Hearts 3. The mod is available on Nexus Mods and gives Sora some unique moves using the hook to attack from afar.

Regarding the mod, TruebladeModder said, "Luckily, Kingdom Hearts 3 already has a keychain whip effect from Data Master Xehanort. It even comes with whip physic so it's pretty easy to repurpose it (still doesn't mean it's not annoying though, take me an entire day to make the chain go straight)".

The custom animation mod replaces the default Ground Stab attack and the Aerial Ranged slash attack with the grappling hook attack, named here as Chain of Prophecies. As TruebladeModder mentions, the custom animation is based on Master Xehanort's similar attacks using a whip version of the X-Blade, although changed up to make them unique for Sora.

Funnily enough, the fact that the grappling hook uses the same noise as Master Xehanort's X-Blade attack and is based on the same animations actually plays into a fan theory that Sora has learnt how to use the ability thanks to being bequeathed the X-Blade by Xehanort at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3. We've currently only seen Sora use the grappling hook for movement, so it'll be interesting to see if he ends up using it in combat like this in this mod.

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