Someone Called Joe Biden Is Killing It In Guilty Gear Tournaments

Current US President Joe Biden has racked up quite a few titles in our country. From Vice President and Senator to the President itself, the man stays busy. Now, when he is not solving domestic policies or crunching those student loan numbers, many believe he is out there adding another title to his list: Guilty Gear Tournament Champions! Well, at least someone pretending to be him is.

The results of the recent 29th NA+EU Guilty Gear Open Tournament show an anonymous player under the name “U.S.A. Joe Biden” taking the top spot. Some snooping shows that the player, who may or may not actually be our President, has been racking up wins in Guilty Gear tournaments for the past two years. In fact, their first competition took place the same month that Biden won the Presidency. Did he celebrate his victory with a little virtual ass-kicking?

Adding to the mystery is the fact that no social media profiles are linked to the account, just a Discord page for one “Joe Biden”. This has led many of the tournament's Twitter accounts to tag the official @POTUS account when referencing the player. I can’t help but laugh imagining the poor intern running the President’s social being suddenly bombarded with Guilty Gear tweets and memes.

Even more, the player is known for using Chipp Zanuff as their main. This character is a trained ninja who campaigns for, and eventually becomes, the President of their nation. Coincidence? Or Biden’s real-life bleeding into his virtual one?

While this is probably not the President of the United States kicking back in the White House to bust some skulls, there is no way of knowing for sure. After all, we do know that Biden loves a game of Mario Kart or two.

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