Some Valorant Fans Really Want To See These Agents Get Together

Love can bloom anywhere, even on the battlefield, and many VALORANT players are rooting for one particular ship to get together. Killjoy and Raze have become a favorite couple for many queer VALORANT fans, and apparently even a member of the development team as well!

A few months ago, VALORANT launched a new character, German engineer Killjoy. Although she specializes in using turrets to defend her territory, her design—submachine gun aside—perfectly mimics the hipster energy of a pretty stranger you might encounter at a local coffee shop.

Raze, on the other hand, is a member of VALORANT’s original roster. She’s a ballistics expert from Brazil, and in contrast to coolheaded techie Killjoy, is energetic, positively carefree on the battlefield, and puts her all into her homemade kit. At first glance, the two characters a classic case of opposites attract, but this ship has canon basis. Killjoy has a line where she admits Raze’s “tinkering” has improved her own devices, and even seriously tells Raze to take care on the battlefield.

It’s not just fans that have been taken in by these two characters’ relationship. VALORANT concept artist Anh Dang posted art of Raze and Killjoy sprawled side by side, with Raze working on a little robot and Killjoy watching almost warmly. Fans leaped on this piece of art immediately; although not necessarily canon, art from a member of the VALORANT team always carries a certain weight in the community.

Furthermore, Dang’s caption, “Do you think like…Killjoy and Raze work on stuff together”, paired with the pleading emoji, implies Dang also hopes for a warm relationship between the two. Interestingly, Raze and Killjoy’s friendly rivalry and relationship seems to have an unlikely source: the 2014 Fifa World Cup semifinals, where Germany (Killjoy’s home country) and Brazil (Raze’s home country) squared off in an unforgettable battle. Germany’s team stomped Brazil on Brazil’s hometurf, a loss that Riot Games may have cheekily slid into VALORANT.

Regardless of origins, there’s no doubt that Raze x Killjoy is popular among queer fans, and picking up traction!

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