Solace Dreams Remake, A Doom Total Conversion Inspired By Dark Souls, Looks Incredible

Since its release in 1993, Doom has been modded, converted, and changed into all sorts of interesting games–but few have looked quite as amazing as this one. Solace Dreams Remake, which is, as the name suggests, a remake of an earlier game called Solace Dreams, takes the Doom engine and turns it into a cross between a shooter and Dark Souls.

Yes, saying that a game is “like Dark Souls” is something of a meme now, but it actually fits here. Alpha Beta Gamer has dug into this incredible mod, explaining that it’s about a school-aged girl who travels into the dreams of her friends to try and save them from their demons.

The game has an XP and leveling system, as well as a summoning mechanic and an in-game currency. There are eight levels, and they switch visual styles and design between them. The Dark Souls inspiration comes in during the boss fights, which require precision, patience, and a mastery of the game’s systems.

You can check out an extended gameplay video from Alpha Beta Gamer below. If you don’t have time for that, though, there’s also a highlight reel gif on their Twitter account.

You can download the Solace Dreams Remake alpha here. It’s not finished yet, but it’s in good shape.

If you want to see another exciting take on Doom, check out the Playdate port, which uses the hand crank.

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