Smash Bros. Director Hosting Stream For Dragon Quest Character On Tuesday

While the Dragon Quest hero was announced at E3, Nintendo did not exactly give specific timing for when the multi-skinned character would be made available for players. While there were some hints that the character would arrive before the end of July, as the calendar ticks down for the month, fans were wondering if the Hero would make the rumored time frame. By tomorrow, however, we will finally know when the next Smash Bros. DLC character will be arriving.

On Tuesday, Nintendo will be showing a livestream hosted by Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai that goes in-depth on Hero.

It’s really early in the morning for west coast U.S. viewers, but this mini-direct is likely more aimed at Japan than America. Given Dragon Quest’s popularity in its home country, it makes sense that Nintendo is having Sakurai livestream an introduction rather than the surprise video announcing Joker’s release.

While the stream is supposed to focus on Hero, there could be news about Banjo & Kazooie as well, who are supposed to be the following DLC character as a team. Evo is also this weekend and, as Smash Bros. is closing the event this year, that might be a great time to reveal someone new or have more Banjo footage.

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