Smash Bros. Animations Prove Minecraft Steve Is Fearless

Super Smash Bros pits the gaming world’s strongest and bravest heroes against each other in winner-take-all battles atop floating maps. Of course, falling off the map is the last thing that anyone wants to do, which is why when your character gets to a ledge, they flail around trying not to fall—except Minecraft Steve. Since Smash Bros. is the ultimate test for a video game character, it has now been proven that Minecraft Steve is completely fearless.

Minecraft Steve was a (somewhat) surprise announcement for Super Smash Bros Ultimate at the beginning of October. Since then, the addition of Minecraft to the game has taken the fanbase by storm—spawning memes and jokes wherever you look.

Ledge animations shared by Minecraft developers are no different. We are treated to views of Mario, Pikachu, and Solid Snake as they approach the edge of the map and comically flail around on one leg, trying not to fall. It’s an animation that you’ve seen hundreds of times if you’re a fan of the Super Smash Bros. games. However, Minecraft Steve—being the alternate dimension traveling, unimaginably strong, multi-trillion pound gold-carrying adventurer that he is—doesn’t move an inch.

Instead, he simply stares into the void of certain death as Simon and Garfunkle’s 1964 hit “The Sound of Silence” plays in the background. Well, not really, but that’s what we imagine. Music or no, this proves that Minecraft Steve is completely fearless and the strongest character in Super Smash Bros.

Of course, it could just be that he lacks any real joints and if he were animated as the other characters it would look really odd. While this is the most logical conclusion to the complete lack of animation, we like to think that this was a conscious decision to reinforce the fact that Minecraft Steve is the ultimate video game hero.

Even if you don’t play as Steve or Alex (who, of course, is also a complete Goddess without fear of death) their lack of reaction to imminent doom is sure to strike fear into your heart, especially if you know that one of their moves will make you fall through the stage.

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