Small Details We Love In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel’s most recent game, Midnight Suns, borrows from the card-based fighting style of Magic: the Gathering. Although, describing the game in this way doesn't help portray its depth and range since this is just one influence it contains.

Offering an immersive universe, Midnight Suns is one of the best games of 2022. While it features fun gameplay, above everything, Midnight Suns is a Marvel game. The closer you look at the details, the more you are rewarded. Countless small touches make Midnight Suns even play a bit like a comic book. Midnight Suns would be a great game even if weren't set in the Marvel universe, but that extra detail makes it a can't-miss experience. The following are some rewarding nods and winks to other Marvel properties found in the game.

11/11 Quentin Carnival Poster

A lot of people have filled the boots of Ghost Rider besides Nicolas Cage. While you get a glimpse of another Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes is the one you'll be playing as in Midnight Suns. Early in the game, Reyes is one of the best characters due to his ability to chain attacks and create instant knockout zones.

Before Robbie, Johnny Blaze held the position of Ghost Rider. If you go to Robbie’s cave, however, you can find a poster advertising Quentin Carnival, a fictional traveling carnival where Blaze was a motorcycle stunt driver. This poster (and a late-stage level) commemorates the previous Ghost Rider.

10/11 Khonshu Poster

Khonshu first appeared in early 1980s issues of Moon Knight, and has since reappeared in the Disney+ Moon Knight series. Khonshu is a patron of Moon Night and a Midnight Suns member. Unable to enter the Earthly realm, Khonshu instead chooses to act as an avatar to guide others.

In the game’s second New York fight, you can spot a poster advertising a museum’s Khonshu display. Steven Grant (Moon Knight) works at the British Museum’s Egypt section, which is another small detail referenced by the poster.

9/11 Nightstalkers

In the Abbey's library, you can access various books that you can read. Case 36, A Cold Trail, is about Nightstalkers and is from 1992. The text tells about a heavy snow, a vanishing creature, Blade, Hannibal, King, Linda, and fighting Lilin.

This is a nod to the short-lived 1990s comic book series Nightstalkers featuring each of these characters along with Johnny Blaze. The text mentions the narrator using Linda as a weapon. In the series, Linda was a necrotech gun used by Drake.

8/11 The Watcher

Marvel's The Watcher is an entity who exists outside of time and space, but who observes everything. The powerful God was prohibited from interfering in events that occur in our universe until Ultron (wielding the Infinity Stones) attempted to tamper with the Multiverse.

In Midnight Sun's final fight, past the space rocks, columns, and clouds, you can spot the Watcher, who has front row seats for the battle. The Watcher's observation of this fight reminds players that it is occurring in the Marvel universe and is as such part of its canon.

7/11 Civil War 2

A hero request you received called Sliding Doors mentions a disagreement between Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and Tony Stark (Iron Man) about locking people up before they commit crimes. You have the option to side with Captain Marvel who thinks that something bad would occur if nothing was done, in which case you receive three friendship points with Captain Marvel or Iron Man who thinks that every future holds various possibilities, in which case you receive friendship points with Iron Man.

This is in reference to the 2016 comic, "Civil War 2", where Carol Danvers starts to imprison individuals in advance of committing crimes. Tony Stark disagrees with Danvers. While this series is not remembered fondly by readers, this clue is still a nice nod to Marvel History.

6/11 The Fantastic Four

At Agatha's Altar in the Abbey, players can walk up the flight of stairs to the remnants of a stained-glass window, whose remaining pieces of metal are still standing. Disguised in the metal is the shape of The Fantastic Four’s logo, which is even in the same blue and white color theme as The Fantastic Four’s uniform.

This is not the only time that The Fantastic Four is referenced throughout the series. References to the team can be found in the dialogue, collectible Tarot cards, and in a blue shirt that Hunter can wear. Hopefully, The Fantastic Four will eventually appear as Midnight Suns DLC.

5/11 Cyclops And Wolverine's Shared History

Wolverine and Captain America have crossed paths before including fighting together during World War II. One place you can about this shared history is Uncanny X-Men #268, in which Captain America calls on Logan (Wolverine's real name) to help rescue a young girl from Russian agents.

The dialogue in Midnight Suns is sharp and unbelievably nuanced. If you walk between Captain America and Wolverine during the game, you just might catch them in conversation. One of the topics the two discuss is “The War”. This helps to give yet another sense that you’re actually playing through a comic book series, not just a video game based on a comic book.

4/11 Magick’s Picture

Before Illyana Rasputina (Magick) was a playable character in Midnight Suns, she was most associated with various X-Men related team ups. The younger sister of Colossus, Magick later joined the young team of mutants called the New Mutants.

If you go to Magik’s room in the Abbey and look carefully, you’ll notice a picture of Magik’s brother Colossus, as well as the rest of the New Mutants, on display. This is a nice reference to Magik’s previous history and a nod to the all too often overlooked New Mutants.

3/11 Wolverine Hates Cyclops

If you look carefully on Wolverine’s desk, you’ll see a photo of the X-Men, including Beast, Storm, Jean Grey, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler. Cyclops was almost certainly in this picture next to Jean Grey, but it’s likely that Wolverine cut his teammate out. Also note that the costume Jean is wearing is from when Rachel Summers (Jean’s daughter) was Marvel Girl. The woman’s hair is longer than Rachel’s ever was, though.

Anyone who is acquainted with the X-Men knows that Wolverine has expressed a dislike for Cyclops over the years because Cyclops is Jean’s partner and Wolverine has romantic feelings for Jean. This toxic triangle has appeared in various comic, film, video game, and storylines over the years, and it’s a nice small detail to find in Midnight Suns.

2/11 Carol Danver’s Color Pallette

In 1940, DC released Captain Marvel who was inspired by Superman. Captain Marvel had red tights, a lightning bolt insignia, a cape, and boots. This led to Superman's creators filing a cease and desist order for Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel then stopped appearing for a decade and a half, during which time Marvel launched its own Captain Marvel. In 1972, DC's Captain Marvel reappeared in comics. In 1977, Marvel's Carol Danvers became one of the first major female superheros when she became Captain Marvel. Since then, both have appeared in countless comics.

Carol Danvers’ color palette in Midnight Suns is similar to DC’s Captain Marvel (Shazam). This is a clever, subtle nod to the link shared between the two characters.

1/11 '90s Pool Throwback

From 1991 to 1995, Marvel published Marvel Illustrated: The Swimsuit Edition, which was a cleverly designed parody of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, which was very popular at the time.The series depicted Marvel characters (both men and women) in swimwear.

In Midnight Suns, one sequence sees you resting by the pool with your teammates. Interacting with the game’s pool is an option, and another rich and rewarding experience. You also receive the chance to put on swimwear should you so desire.

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