Skyrim Markarth Guide: Merchants, Loot, Quests, And More

Markarth is an incredibly unique city in Skyrim that has some of the most interesting architecture in the game. It is also considered the safest city as the chances of even being attacked by vampires is significantly low. The quests here are often rewarding, with not one but two Daedric Princes connected to the area.

Markaarth also offers a plentiful variety of shops to browse through, tons of houses to loot, and even finding love is possible in the city. Markarth may not be the first place players visit when starting out, but it can be one of the best places to build a player up early on.


Markarth is a major city with a wide range of merchants to meet players needs; these merchants are:

  • Arnleif and Sons Trading Company – General merchandise
  • Endon – Fence
  • Ghorza gra-Bagol –Armor and Weapons
  • Hogni Red-Arm – Meat
  • Kerah – Jewelry
  • Moth gro-Bagol – Armor and Weapons
  • Silver-Blood Inn- Food and Alcohol
  • The Hag’s Cure – Alchemy Ingredients

Markarth Loot

While looting in a city will bring the player money, Markarth isn’t full of houses that carry tons of gold. The best place to loot is the Understone Keep, which has a majority of the city’s share of gold. The Keep also houses the Dwemer museum, which later becomes part of the Thieves Guild questline.

There is also an excavation site that can be entered by using Understone keep called Nchuand-Zel Excavation Site. The site contains a few frostbite spiders and has some minor treasure chests and Dwemer items within.

Major Quests

There is no shortage of great quests for players to take on in Markarth. Most of these quests can be done from the start of the game.

The Taste of Death

The Taste of Death can be started by visiting the Markarth Hall of The Dead after speaking to Verulus, which has mysteriously been closed to the city. Inside, the player will meet Eola, who will send the player on a mission to clear out Draughr from Reachcliff Cave.

Upon following the instructions, the player will be invited to a feast and can choose to sacrifice Verulus for a feast for Namira worshippers to receive Namira’s Ring and the ability to be a cannibal.

The House of Horrors

The House of Horrors is the second daedric quest in the city, and players can start it by speaking with Vigilant Tyranus. Together with Tyranus, the player will enter the Abandoned House, which will seem haunted at first. At the end, the player will be instructed by Malog Bal to kill Tyranus.

Afterward, the player can choose to serve him further in order to receive the Mace of Malog Bal.

The Heart of Dibella

This is the game’s quest for Dibella. To start it, the player must enter the temple of Dibella and intrude on the meeting in the inner chamber. To earn the priestess forgiveness for the interruption, they will be sent to collect a young girl named Fjotra, who is the new sigil.

The player will end up teaming up with the girl’s father to save her from the forsworn, but in return, will be rewarded with the Agent of Dibella.

The Forsworn Conspiracy

This quest will technically start the moment the player first visits Markarth, as they will witness a murder. Next, Eltrys will ask the player to help him uncover Forsworn in the city. This will lead to a string of small investigations that eventually leads to Nepos and Thonar being exposed.

Upon completing the quest and returning to Eltrys, though, the player will be taken to Cidhna Mines.

No One Escapes Cidhna Mines

This quest starts as soon as the player is relocated to the Cidhna mines. Here the player will need to decide to either align with or kill the other prisoners in order to escape. Depending on the path the player takes, they will either be awarded with the Armor of the Old Gods or the Silver-Blood family Ring.

It is possible and highly advised that the player ensures that they play both sides in order to earn both rewards.

Minor Quests

The Lost Expedition

This is a simple quest that requires the player to locate the journals of the lost expedition party inside of Nchuand-Zel.

Skilled Apprenticeship

Skilled Apprenticeship will award the player with access to Orc Strongholds and a smithing skill point. To complete it, simply retrieve Akrash to Ghorza from Fort Sungard Muster and give it to Ghorza gra-Bagol.

The Steward’s Potion

This quest simply needs the player to deliver a potion from Bothiea to one of the stewards of Understone Keep.

Nimhe, the Poisoned One

The player simply needs to kill Nihme, a spider, and then report back to Calcelmo for their reward.

Buy Dwarven artifact

This quest will trigger after the player obtains a Dwarven artifact and receives a note from the courier. To complete it, simply sell the artifact to Calcelmo.

Delivery to Calcelmo

Delivery to Calcelmo will task the player with delivering a ring from the jeweler Kerah to Calcelmo.

Search and Seizure

To begin the quest, speak with Ondolemar in Understone Keep. He will task the player with finding proof of Ogmund’s Talos worship. This will unlock Ondolemar as a speech trainer.

Dibella’s Shine

Lisabet simply needs the player to find a stolen Diabelle statue in a nearby Forsworn camp and return it to her.

Recover Hrolfdir’s Shield

The player will be sent to one of five random locations to retrieve Hrolfdir’s Shield for Igmund.

Housing & Marriage Candidates

Like most cities, the housing purchase option will be unlocked upon becoming the thane of the city. Vlindrel Hall is the city’s house, which will cost the player a modest 8,000 gold to buy. The Hall can be upgraded to allow for an alchemy lab and fully decorated. In addition, the following spouses can be found in Markarth for those wanting to make a family:

  • Anwen – Temple of Dibella
  • Argis The Bulwark- Housecarl
  • Cosnach – The Warrens
  • Ghorza gra-Bagol – Blacksmith
  • Muiri – The Hag’s Cure
  • Omluag – The Warrens
  • Senna- Temple of Dibella
  • Vorstag- Silver-Blood Inn

In addition, the player may use the Abandoned House as a base, but it can’t be upgraded, and a spouse will not move in.

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