Skyblivion Shares "Huge Update" Featuring Bruma, Daedric Artifacts, And Goblins

Skyblivion and Skywind have been in development for nearly 10 years, aiming to bring Oblivion and Morrowind up to modern standards by remaking them from scratch in Skyrim's engine. While the fan-made project won't be released anytime soon, the team did have a lot to share in its new 15-minute update video.

The team has managed to put together Bruma, the snowy city on the border of Skyrim, create whole new goblin tribes, update the citizens with Oblivion-styled clothing, add unique weapons, finish the daedric artifacts, and "much, much more." And while the video is there to update fans eagerly waiting, they also call for anyone who wants to join the team and put their expertise to use.

As for the daedric artifacts, Skyblivion isn't just re-imagining their visuals but also altering how they work. They will be more powerful and themed more around the gods you earn them for. Umbra, for instance, will glow a rich purple when absorbing souls, while Volendrung will literally shake the ground as it slams down, stunning enemies.

Then there's the northern city of Bruma which gets a huge segment to show off how the Skyblivion team has put it together. You first see a newly-designed Talos statue when walking in, different to those found in Skyrim bearing snakes, and there's even another in the church deeper into town.

We also get a glimpse at the Fighter's and Mage's Guild, Oblivion's version of the Companions and College of Winterhold. They're easily identified by their red and blue sigils and their HQs can be found across all Cyrodiil in each city.

While the mod is a little ways away, the teaser does stress that they are seeing "the end of the road." This goliath project, one of the biggest mods ever made, is finally coming to fruition. You can wait patiently, join the Discord to see updates, or even apply to join and put your talents to use. Whatever you choose, Oblivion is charging into the 2020s with a modern coat of paint.

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