Six Days In Fallujah Creator Says People Could "Benefit From Hearing" Game’s Stories

Peter Tamte reckons the stories portrayed in the upcoming game Six Days in Fallujah could be of some benefit to gamers.

Tamte’s publishing company, Victura, is poised to see to the release of the game, which was due for launch back in 2010 before it was binned. News of the plans to go forward with the title has sparked criticism, as one might well imagine. However, asked why he’s opted to go ahead with it, Tamte said he felt an obligation to the persons who were actually on the ground during the Second Battle of Fallujah.

“After things exploded in 2009, I effectively left the industry in 2011… [But] I felt an obligation to those [Marines] who shared those stories with me. These are stories that a lot of people could benefit from hearing,” he said, per

With the game now set for release on PC and consoles at some point this year, it’s expected that it will bring interviews and personal accounts from pertinent U.S servicemen to life. Judging from the title, the game won’t touch on the wider context with regards to the war in Iraq, a war many people are of the opinion should not have taken place.

“Reasonable people can argue the War in Iraq should never have happened,” Tamte pointed out. But he is more interested in telling the story of the events that saw many Americans lose their lives in Fallujah in November 2004 as he claims the recollections he heard from the soldiers who made it out have the markings of “remarkable courage and sacrifice.”

The game’s original publisher, Konami, backtracked after hefty backlash over the expected content but Highwire Games – a company led by individuals who worked on Destiny and Halo – has taken charge of the rebuild, with Victura to publish.

Tamte notes the story could be told without any kind of political statement being made, with Victura having also denied the game will be a recruiting tool for the army.

“We can’t tell the story without telling the rest of it,” Tamte explained. “We have to give players the context for why they’re in the city, why this battle exists. There were very specific things that led up to the battle for Fallujah. And they’re historical events, they’re facts, they’re not something that a Conservative is going to think is good, and Liberals [are] going to think it’s bad, or vice versa…

“Players need that context to understand why they’re in the city fighting those Al-Qaeda people. We are going to provide that context, but keep in mind that we can provide that context without making a political statement, or without in any way disparaging the service of those who are actually there to fight.”

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