Shenmue III has forklift trucks – confirmed!

In the most vital piece of gaming news so far this year, fans have been assured that Ryo will be able to drive a forklift in Shenmue III.

If there’s only one thing you know about Shenmue it’s probably the fact that one of its most famous action set pieces is a forklift truck race.

It is just about as exciting as it sounds, but then Shenmue is a game of simple pleasures and even the most ardent fans enjoy the absurdity of it all in at least a partially ironic manner.

Although the whole situation gains an extra layer of irony when you realise that Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki was previously responsible for classic racers such as Super Hang-On and OutRun.

Technically it’s not clear whether there’s actual racing in Shenmue III, but the image above clearly shows Ryo behind the wheel of a forklift – so it’d be very strange if it didn’t try to replicate the race from the first game.

It’s certainly already known that Ryo can get a range of part-time jobs in Shenmue III and while forklifts weren’t in the second game there were plenty of other mundane jobs, such as… moving boxes around by hand via a magnificently dull QTE sequence.

Although it’s been delayed multiple times before Shenmue III is still on schedule for release on 27 August for PlayStation 4 and PC.

The fact that it’s made it this close to its release date without any new problems suggests that this time it really will be out on time, with the recent new gameplay trailer also seeming very positive.

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