Shaq Bought PS5s And Switches For Underprivileged Kids This Christmas

Consoles have been notoriously hard to come by for a very long time at this point. If you gave up on waiting in virtual queues a while back, you may have been reminded of how frustrating they are when you returned to them ahead of the holiday season. Whether you were after a PS5 as a gift or trying to buy a Switch for yourself, odds are a lot of you were left disappointed this Christmas.

You might well have Shaquille O'Neal to blame for that, at least in part. The former NBA star revealed on The Gary Vee Audio Experience that he bought 1000 PS5s and 1000 Switches. Don't worry, it wasn't just an attempt to show the world how rich he is and kit every room in his house out with 50 consoles each. He bought them so he could give them to children who otherwise wouldn't have woken up to a new console, or perhaps not anything at all on Christmas morning.

“When I was with Toys 'R Us, there was an alarming stat: 15 to 20 million kids wake up on Christmas Day and not receive one gift,” Shaq explained. “As long as I'm on this Earth, I'm always trying to do what I can to make sure kids get good toys.” Shaq talks about having a humble upbringing and although he didn't get much, his parents instilled the importance of giving back in him.

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Apparently, Shaq called a friend at Nintendo who helped him get his hands on 1000 Switch consoles. He then adds that he also managed to acquire and distribute 1000 PS5s. Perhaps the basketball player turned media personality is the person we should have been looking to all this time to thwart scalpers. Sony, just sell them all to Shaq and he can act as the middle man.

Shaq gave the boatload of consoles, as well as some bikes he bought at Walmart, to kids at an elementary school in McDonough, Georgia. It's not the first time he has done something like this during the holidays either. He calls it Shaq-A-Clause and he's been doing it for the last few years. Truth be told, if he can get his hands on 1000 PS5s at a moment's notice, he probably deserves the name Claus more than the bearded guy who made it famous.

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