Shadow Warrior 3: Achievement/Trophy Guide

Shadow Warrior 3 is finally upon us and Lo Wang's third adventure brings the series back to what it's known for – linear levels, fast-paced action, and bad jokes.

Although much of Shadow Warrior 3 is pretty simplistic and linear, it also has a fair share of achievements that you'll want to keep an eye on and make sure you're progressing towards. Overall, if you keep an eye on a few specific achievements that require you to adjust your playstyle, you'll find this to be an easy platinum.

AccoladeUnlock RequirementsUnlock Guide
The End Of The WorldComplete "The Dragon's Back"Complete the first mission of the game. Story unlock, unmissable.
Let Me In! LET ME IN!Complete "Way to Motoko"Complete the second mission of the game. Story unlock, unmissable.
Down The Racoon HoleComplete "Motoko's Thunderdome"Complete the third mission of the game. Story unlock, unmissable.
Damn, That's A Big DamComplete "That Damn Dam"Complete the fourth mission of the game. Story unlock, unmissable.
Lo Wang, First Of His NameComplete "Walking On Eggshells"Complete the fifth mission of the game. Story unlock, unmissable.
I Don't Have Friends, I Got EggComplete "Egg Express"Complete the sixth mission of the game. Story unlock, unmissable.
Big-Laser-Gun-10000Complete "Doomsday Device"Complete the seventh mission of the game. Story unlock, unmissable.
Lookin For That Special SomeoneComplete "Wayfarer's Forest"Complete the eighth mission of the game. Story unlock, unmissable.
Ski PassComplete "The Fast and the Furry"Complete the ninth mission of the game. Story unlock, unmissable.
Inside OutComplete "Midnight Snack"Complete the tenth mission of the game. Story unlock, unmissable.
Dragon SlayerComplete "Intestinal Inspector"Complete the eleventh mission of the game. Story unlock, unmissable.
Shiny! What Does It Do?Obtain your first upgradeYou'll unlock two types of upgrade orbs as you play Shadow Warrior 3 – character upgrades orbs and weapon upgrade orbs. They can be found throughout the game, or earned by completing challenges which are listed in the pause menu. Simply unlock your first one to get this achievement.
I'm Something Of A Gunsmith MyselfFully upgrade a ranged weaponTo fully upgrade a weapon, you're going to need a total of 7 weapon upgrade orbs. The first upgrade costs one, the second costs two, the third costs three, and the fourth costs four. You'll easily unlock this simply by playing, but if you want to guarantee you'll get it, focus on upgrading the Outlaw pistol, your first weapon.
Master Smith Would Be ProudFully upgrade the katanaTo fully upgrade the katana, you're going to need 7 weapon upgrade orbs. As with the guns, the first will cost one, the second will cost two, the third will cost three, and the fourth will cost four. Upgrading the katana will make the freezing, burning, and electrocuting achievements much easier, as the third upgrade lets you use elemental katana attacks.
Awake Your Inner WangFully upgrade one character skill branchTo unlock this trophy, you're going to need 7 character upgrade orbs. There are four character skill branches, so it's up to you to decide which one you want to fully upgrade.
Coaching Is OverratedObtain all upgradesTo unlock every upgrade, you're going to need 28 character upgrade orbs and 49 weapon upgrade orbs. These orbs can be found throughout the levels and are usually in obvious places as the game is very linear. You'll need to complete every challenge in order to have enough orbs to get every upgrade.
SurgeonPerform Finisher 15 timesTo perform a finisher, you need to collect finisher orbs to fill a meter at the bottom of the screen. You'll then need to press the left and right bumpers next to an enemy to perform the finisher. Finishers instantly take the enemy out and give Lo Wang a Gore Tool for a limited time, as well as restoring health.
ExecutionerPerform Finisher 100 timesYou'll need to make sure you're actively performing finishers as much as possible as you play to perform 100 of them. The best way to do this is to only use finishers on the smaller enemies, as they only take one bar of finisher, while other enemies take two or three. You'll want to perform a finisher on each enemy at least once to unlock the associated trophy.
Show Me What You're Made OfObtain all Gore Tool typesGore Tools are what you obtain from performing a finisher on an enemy. They're special weapons that can take out yokai easily and you usually have a limited amount of time to use them. Each enemy type has a different Gore Tool, so you'll need to perform a finisher on them at least once.
SamuraiKill 100 enemies with the katanaThe katana is Shadow Warrior 3's melee weapon and can be used at any time with the right bumper. You'll need to use the katana to get enemies to drop ammo, so you'll likely get this without worrying about it. The smaller enemies are the best ones to attack with the katana, as they'll usually die in one slash.
AcupuncturePut 50 enemies on spikesEnemy arenas will contain spikes that Lo Wang can push enemies into using his chi push. The chi push is triggered by pressing the right stick and needs time to recharge. You can only push smaller enemies at first, but you can upgrade it to be able to push larger enemies.
Cool Guys Don't Look At ExplosionsExplode 50 explodablesEnemy arenas will also have exploding barrels littered around them that can be shot to make enemies explode. You don't need to kill enemies with the explosions for this achievement, and simply need to explode them, so try shooting them whenever you can.
Gore MasterKill 100 enemies with Gore WeaponsGore weapons are what you get from performing finishers on enemies, and they're some of the most powerful weapons in the game. You're going to want to focus on enemies that take two finisher bars to perform finishers on, as the ones that take one bar don't give very strong weapons.
Don't Come CloserKill 200 enemiesThis will come to you just from playing through the campaign.
Set The World On FireSet 25 enemies on fireEnemies can be set on fire by using explodables that you find in the arena and shooting them, or by using the fire sword strike you unlock by upgrading the katana three times. You'll want to unlock that as soon as possible to work towards these elemental trophies.
Baddies Go 'BZZZZZ'Electrocute 50 enemies (without Motoko's help)Enemies can be electrocuted by shooting electric barrels that are scattered around arenas, or by using the electric sword strike you unlock by upgrading the katana three times.
-273 KelvinFreeze 75 enemiesEnemies can be frozen by shooting ice barrels that are scattered around enemy arenas, or by using the frozen sword strike you unlock by upgrading the katana three times. You'll want to focus on using the ice strike as it's the status effect you need to hit enemies with the most.
It's Dangerous Out ThereKill 150 enemies with environmental hazardsYou'll need to concentrate on using environmental hazards to unlock this trophy, as 150 enemies is a lot. Environmental hazards include exploding barrels, spikes, knocking enemies from heights, and through shooting buttons in the environment to activate traps.
Caution! Watch Your HeadObtain the "Brain Tonic" Gore Tool from ShogaiThe Shogai is the most common enemy in Shadow Warrior 3 and will take one finish bar to perform a finisher on. The Brain Tonic tool will double your health, so they're perfect for staying alive.
A Cold Day In HellObtain the "Brain Freeze" Gore Tool from KugutsuThe Kugutsu is another common enemy that will take up one bar to perform a finisher on. The Brain Freeze tool will give you an ice grenade that can freeze enemies, which will contribute to the "-273 Kelvin" trophy.
Stop! Hammertime!Obtain the "Equalizer" Gore Tool from Oni HanmaThe Oni Hanma is one of the first big enemies you'll meet in Shadow Warrior 3 and will take two bars to finish off. Doing so will give you the Equalizer, a massive hammer that can be swung at the ground to deal heavy damage.
Disco InfernoObtain the "Disco Grenade" Gore Tool from Laser ShogunThe Laser Shogun is a floating head that wears a mask on the front. You'll need to use a chi blast to turn them around visually, but you can also just perform a finisher with two bars and get the Disco Grenade. This is a massive grenade that will shoot lasers out in every direction.
Anyone Has A Corkscrew?Obtain the "Penetrator" Gore Tool from MoguraThe Mogura is a large yokai with a drill it uses to dig into the ground. Taking it out takes two bars of finisher and will give you the Penetrator, a drill that can only be used at close range, but that does massive damage when used right.
Eye See You!Obtain the "Seeking Eye" Gore Tool from Seeking ShokeraThe Shokera is a large orb-like enemy that can be finished with two bars. It gives you the Seeking Eye tool that will zip around the arena and attack enemies like a drone.
New Year Has Come EarlyObtain the "Swarm Launcher" Gore Tool from Slinky JakkuThe Slinky Jakku is a yokai that is exactly like it sounds – a big slinky. The Swarm Launcher is like a rocket launcher and is arguably the best Gore Tool in the whole game. You'll need two bars of finisher to use it, however.
Your Sword Is Mine!Obtain the "Blade of Hattori" Gore Tool from HattoriThe Hattori are samurai Yokai that spin around with a sword, taking two bars to finish. The Blade of Hattori temporarily gives you a bigger sword that can lock onto enemies and take them out with a few slashes.
What're You Cooking Here?Obtain the "Hungry, Hungry Heart" Gore Tool from Chef Oboru GurumaThe Chef Oboru Guruma is a late-game enmy that looks like a chef on wheels. They'll take two finish bars to use a finisher on and give you a grenade that sucks enemies in. This isn't a very good Gore Tool, but you'll need to do it once to unlock this trophy.
Size Does MatterObtain the "Double Trouble" Gore Tool from Gassy ObariyonThe Gassy Obariyon is the final enemy you'll meet in the game, and they'll take three bars to use a finisher on. The Double Trouble tool gives you two gatling guns and it's easily the most powerful Gore Tool in the game.
My Precious!Collect all TrophiesCollect every trophy in the game for this final platinum. Well done, you've finished Shadow Warrior 3!

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