Shadow Of The Colussus: How To Find And Defeat Colossi 1-4

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  • The First Colossus – Valus
  • The Second Colossus – Quadratus
  • The Third Colossus – Gaius
  • The Fourth Colossus – Phaedra

Shadow Of The Colossus is one of the greatest games of the PS2 era – indeed, it's one of the all-time best video games, period. Whether you're making your journey into the Forbidden Lands for the first time or returning to battle the Colossi once more, it can help to have a hint sometimes.

With this guide, you'll be able to easily track down and defeat the first four monsters that stand between Wander and his goal. All you need is your sword, your bow, and your trusty horse Agro!

While the Colossi do not have official names in-game, the fan community has given a name to each of the sixteen bosses. This guide will use those names to differentiate between the game's enemies.

The First Colossus – Valus


As soon as the game begins, mount Agro and ride south toward the cliffs rising up in the distance. You can always use the light shining from your sword to find the next Colossus' location relative to your own – when the beams coalesce, the direction in which they point is the boss's position.

When you arrive at the cliffs you'll find a small set of stairs. Dismount and climb the cliff face using the mossy sections and ledges. This serves as the game's movement and climbing tutorial, so by the time you reach the top you'll have all the skills you need for the challenges ahead.

When you reach the top, Valus will lumber past you. Chase after him to begin the fight.


When you catch up to Valus, leap onto his left leg (A) and hold onto the hair. As the Colossus walks he may attempt to shake you off, so keep an eye on your grip meter (the pink circle in the lower-right corner of the screen).

When you have a firm hold, stab Valus' leg to cause him to kneel down. While the Colossus is in a kneeling position, climb onto his back using the ridges near his waist (B) which are now accessible. Get to the first platform on Valus' back (C) and crouch to keep your balance while your grip recovers.

Once your grip is refilled, climb to the second set of platforms near Valus' shoulders. Recover here as needed, then climb all the way up Valus' back until you're on top of his head (D).

Hold on for as long as you can, stabbing the sigil on Valus' head until he dies. It should take about three fully-charged thrusts.

If you're playing on Hard Mode, you'll need to reach a second sigil on Valus' right elbow (E). Both sigils must be destroyed to bring down the Colossus.

The Second Colossus – Quadratus


Head north along the western side of the Shrine of Worship. You'll come to a natural bridge spanning a wide chasm. Cross the bridge and turn right at the fork. From there, take the cliffside path down to the beach. Ride toward the cave beneath the cliff you just descended from and Quadratus will emerge.


Approach Quadratus from the front, on foot. When you're close enough for the Colossus to attack, he will raise his front hooves and attempt to crush you. When the underside of Quadratus' front hooves are exposed, quickly shoot them to knock the boss off balance.

While Quadratus is knocked down, run around to the side of the leg you shot and climb on using the hair above the knee, which is now reachable. Climb to the platform on Quadratus' shoulder and rest to recover your grip before proceeding.

Climb sideways along Quadratus' flank until you reach his hindquarters, where you will be able to climb onto his back. Even though you can stand on the Colossus' back, crouch and grab onto his hair whenever he tries to shake you off. The first sigil is above Quadratus' tailbone (A). Stab it until it vanishes, then take a moment to recover your grip.

Make your way up Quadratus' back until you reach his head, where the second sigil lies (B). Stab this sigil until the Colossus dies.

If you're playing on Hard Mode, Quadratus has a third sigil on his left flank (C).

The Third Colossus – Gaius


Follow the same route you initially took for the previous Colossus, but this time turn left at the end of the bridge. Ride northwest toward the cliffs until you see a small stone structure – use the sword to navigate if you get lost.

To the left of the structure is a narrow gorge leading through the cliffs. Ride to the other side, where you'll come to a lake. Dismount and swim out to the ramp on the left leading up to the disc above the water. Climb to the disc, jumping across rubble as needed, until you reach the top. Once you're there, the fight with Gaius will begin.


Gaius will attempt to crush you with his massive stone sword. Dodge-roll out of the way as he brings the weapon down to avoid this dangerous attack.

Before attempting to climb the Colossus, stand on the stone circle on the ground near Gaius' starting position. Wait for Gaius to attack, and dodge at the last moment so that he hits the circle.

If Gaius is too close to you when he prepares to attack, he may try to stomp on you instead of swinging his sword. If that happens, lure him further away from the circle and try again.

When Gaius hits the stone circle with his sword, some of his armor will shatter, clearing the path for you to make your counterattack. Wait for him to swing his sword again, making sure he hits regular dirt this time, then jump onto the blade while it's at ground level and run along it to reach his arm.

It's very likely that Gaius will recover before you can grab onto his arm. If that happens, hold onto the edge of the sword like a ledge until it's level enough for you to climb up, then proceed.

Make your way up the Colossus' arm until you reach the platform by his elbow. From there, leap to the platform around his waist and run around to Gaius' stomach, where you'll find the first sigil.

After destroying the stomach sigil, recover your grip on the waist platform before jumping back to Gaius' sword arm. Climb all the way up to Gaius' head and destroy the second sigil to take him down.

On Hard Mode, Gaius has a third sigil on his left arm that must also be destroyed.

The Fourth Colossus – Phaedra


Ride east from the Shrine, toward the cliffs. To your right you'll see a passage through the cliffs that leads to Phaedra's grove. Note the mounds with tunnels underneath – they'll be important for defeating the Colossus!

Phaedra will appear when you cross to the other side of the grove.


Ride back to the tunnels and dismount Agro. Let Phaedra see you enter one of the structures – she'll stand on top of the entrance waiting for you to emerge. While she's looking, use the tunnels to come out behind the Colossus and climb up her tail (A) to reach her back.

Make your way to Phaedra's neck (B), holding onto her hair whenever she tries to shake you off. Stab the small glowing area on the back of her neck until she lowers her head. You can now get past the barrier formed by Phaedra's crown and reach the top of her head (C). Repeatedly stab the sigil there until the boss is defeated.

On Hard Mode, Phaedra has two additional sigils that must be destroyed – one on each shoulder (D and E)

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