Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – O’Rin Of The Water Guide And Rewards

Despite being a completely original IP, there’s no denying that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice fits comfortably in with the other games in the Souls-like genre. The game certainly puts its own unique spin on things, but the base elements, such as demanding bosses, continue to be a major draw for dedicated players. While technically a mini-boss, O’Rin of the Water is arguably just as difficult as some of the mandatory bosses in the game. Because she can be so easily missed, or skipped, you may not even know where to find her. It’s time to draw your katana and follow our guide on finding and defeating O’Rin of the Water.

O’Rin Of The Water Location

To find O’Rin of the Water you will need to progress through the game at least up into the Mibu Village area, or simply teleport back here if you’ve already gone through this area. In either case, you will want to start from the Water Mill Sculptor’s Idol. Head up and to the right along a path through the cliffs. It is a straight path with no branches, and when you come to the opening at the end you should hear the twanging sound of a Shamisen.

Stick to the left wall and you’ll spot O’Rin near a small yellow glow. She is wearing a strange basket on her head and a pink kimono. She is not hostile initially, so when you get close enough a prompt will appear on her, and if you fully approach her you will be able to speak with her.

O’Rin Of The Water Rewards

Just like other mini-boss enemies in Sekiro, which are essentially any non-bosses with two or more health bars, O’Rin of the Water will have some of the best loot to collect in the game. Here’s what you can earn from taking her down:

Breath of Life: Shadow is a new Latent Skill that will restore some health every time you deal a deathblow on an enemy, making it one of the most useful skills in the game. You can also return to fight her in subsequent new game plus runs for slightly different rewards.

  1. Heavy Coin Purse
  2. 6885 EXP on NG+2
  3. 20656 EXP on NG+7

O’Rin Of The Water Guide

While you can start the fight by going through O’Rin’s dialogue, you might as well take the advantage of attacking her first. She is technically an apparition, but you don’t have to use Divine Confetti to damage her, but if you have some to spare it will buff your damage quite a bit.

Phase One

Your best strategy is to let O’Rin make most of the moves and focus on deflecting her long strings of attacks to build up her posture bar. Keep an eye out for one of her combos that finishes with a spinning attack you have to jump to dodge, and follow it up with an attack or two before returning to defense.

If you spot O’Rin slowly twirling backwards, dodge towards her to bait her to attack past you, giving you a chance to get a few attacks in on her back. Once you get your first deathblow, the second phase of the fight will start.

Phase Two

O’Rin will have a new grab attack in this phase which can deal a ton of damage if you get caught in it while your posture is broken; it is basically an instant kill. Also, pay attention to the moments when she becomes partially invisible. She cannot be hit during these times, which typically happen when she is twirling around the arena or floating in the air.

Otherwise, the fight isn’t too different from the first phase. Focus on your parries, take advantage of all the opportunities to jump her attack and retaliate, and stay mobile. Her movements might take a little while to familiarize yourself with since she tends to turn and bend before attacking in strange ways, but once you learn her timing it isn’t too bad.

O’Rin Of The Water Trivia

The translation of O’Rin from Japanese to English essentially means Lady Rin, but the “of the Water” aspect of her title seems to be an English only addition. Her Japanese name is Mibu no O’Rin, or “O’Rin who lives in (or comes from) Mibu.” The word Mibu itself, however does mean “Water-Life” as in a lake or river, which explains where the translation came from.

O’Rin also shares the same death animation as another boss in the game, Emma, the Gentle Blade. If you deal the final deathblow to them from the front, Wolf will cradle their bodies as they fall.

Prior to the 1.04 patch to the game, it was possible to immediately deal the first deathblow to O’Rin to open the fight. Before she was hostile, the player was able to jump on her head from behind, causing her to go into a deathblow state in a similar way to how a stealth deathblow functions.

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