Sea Of Thieves: How To Level Up The Gold Hoarders Faction

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There are lots of factions in Sea Of Thieves, however, the three most important factions are the Gold Hoarders, the Order Of Souls, and the Merchant Alliance. Levelling up these three factions unlocks Pirate Legend status, which is one of the biggest milestones a pirate can earn in Sea Of Thieves.

Each faction has specific ways to obtain its signature type of treasure, so you should know about the best methods if you want to level up the Gold Hoarders faction as quickly as possible. Here are the best methods you can use to rank up in the Gold Hoarders Faction and what you earn when you level up.

The Best Ways To Level Up The Gold Hoarders Faction

There are three primary ways to level up the Gold Hoarders faction, and they all centre around collecting chests, among other trinkets. You can sell chests and other trinkets to the Gold Hoarders representative at an outpost to earn gold and Gold Hoarders reputation. Each method for gaining treasure in Sea Of Thieves has advantages, but they also have unique challenges.

Raise A Gold Hoarders Emissary Flag

Emissary Flags are available for most of the factions in Sea Of Thieves, including the Gold Hoarders Faction. You can raise an Emissary Flag by voting on the table near the faction's representative at any outpost. Raising an Emissary Flag is free; however, your teammates also have to vote for the Emissary Flag to activate it.

When you raise an Emissary Flag, you gain extra gold and reputation the more loot you collect and sell. If you want to maximize your reputation gained when you sell items to a Gold Hoarders representative, then raising an Emissary Flag is essential. Players throughout your server can see your ship on the world map if you have an active Emissary Flag, so you need to decide if the risk is worth it before raising the flag.

Complete World Events

World Events are a unique way to find treasure in Sea Of Thieves. There are many different World Events to complete, such as the Flameheart Fleet and the Ashen Winds, so you have a lot of choices with which events you want to do. Some World Events are better if you're sailing alone, while others are better for a group full of pirates.

Only one World Event is active on a server at a time, so the active event needs to finish before a different one appears. There are three World Events that you should prioritize if you want to level the Gold Hoarders Faction, and you can find out everything you need to know about them below.

The Flameheart Fleet

One of the best World Events you can complete to get chests is the Flameheart Fleet. The Flameheart Fleet is a set of ghost ships you can battle in a specific stretch of the ocean, and its location varies each time the event is active. There are regular ghost ships throughout the area; however, you'll also encounter boss ships that are harder to defeat than regular ghost ships. If you want to find a Flameheart Fleet, then look for a figure in the sky that appears as a Skeleton Captain.

​​​​​​You can't board the Flameheart ships like you can a player ship, so the only way to attack them effectively is with cannonballs. Shoot at the ships until they disappear, and then a set of loot will fall into the water; you can then pick up the treasure and bring it aboard your boat.

Skeleton Forts

The best type of World Event for groups is Skeleton Forts because you can complete them quickly with multiple people. You can also form an alliance with other ships on your server to complete Skeleton Forts faster, which works well in this World Event since each crew can fight skeletons on a specific side of the fort. Skeleton Forts appear in the sky as a Skull-Shaped Cloud, so it's easy to identify them while they're active.

When you arrive at a Skeleton Fort, you need to defeat each wave of skeletons as they spawn. There are different skeleton variants and boss fights throughout the waves of skeletons, so you'll have to fight multiple skeleton types to complete a Skeleton Fort. The Fort Of Fortune grants better rewards when you complete it; however, it also features stronger bosses than regular Skeleton Forts. When you defeat the final boss at a Skeleton Fort, then you can use the key they drop to open a vault in the middle of the fort. Watch out for enemy ships while you're completing a Skeleton Fort because it's easy for them to sneak up on the fort while you're fighting skeletons.

Skeleton Ships

Skeleton Ships are boats full of skeletons that can appear as standalone ships or as part of a fleet. You can defeat a Skeleton Ship by sinking it with cannonballs, and they drop various types of treasure when you defeat them. Skeleton Ships spawn all around the sea, so keep an eye out for them at all times while sailing.

Complete Wayfinder Voyages

Wayfinder Voyages are a type of quest that you can get from a Gold Hoarders representative at an outpost. On this voyage, you have to follow the compass to uncover pieces of a torn map. Once you discover the piece of map with an "X" on it, you can find and dig the "X" to get a key. The key will specify which Island it works on, and you can travel to the Island to find a vault.

Open the vault with the key, and then you'll have a few minutes to retrieve the treasure from the vault. Each vault contains primarily Gold Hoarders treasure, such as chests. If you want to get expensive Gold Hoarders treasure quickly, then Wayfinder Voyages are the perfect option, especially in the Devil's Roar.

What Do You Earn For Leveling Up In The Gold Hoarders Faction

The Gold Hoarders grants many rewards when you rank up. However, the best reward is Pirate Legend status, which you achieve once you reach level 50 in the Gold Hoarders, Order Of Souls, and the Merchant Alliance factions. With the Pirate Legend status, you gain access to Athena's Fortune voyages, which are useful for levelling up in the Athena's Fortune faction.

Besides Pirate Legend status, you can also earn cosmetic rewards for your equipment and gain access to better Gold Hoarders voyages when you rank up in the Gold Hoarders faction.

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