Sea Of Thieves: How To Get The Silver Blade Key

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  • Start The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale
  • Reach The Point In The Tall Tale Where You Can Access The Room With The Elevator Shipwreck
  • Locate The Short Ladder That Leads To A Platform
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A question you will probably have during Season 3 of Sea of Thieves pertains to where the Silver Blade Key is located. It is used to access the Everlasting Chest of Sorrows, but many players seem to miss it during their playthrough. You want to make sure you acquire all of the commendations this season in order to earn a special reward, and this will put you one step closer to that goal.

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Luckily, the Silver Blade Key is easier to find than you might think, as you will run by it during your travels in this tall tale. If you want to earn the reward that this key harbors then you need to know what you are looking for when playing Sea of Thieves.

Start The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale

The Silver Blade Key is found during The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale, which is the second one you can complete after A Pirate’s Life. It can’t be found until you are past the halfway point and have already gone through two main rooms.

You know it is almost time to find it when you reach the Siren Citadel leg of the quest.

Reach The Point In The Tall Tale Where You Can Access The Room With The Elevator Shipwreck

After you trigger the Siren Citadel point in the Tall Tale you will come across a room with an elevator shipwreck which is activated by a pulley. This isn’t the way you reach the key, but it does mean you have finally reached the room in which it is located.

You will have to solve a siren puzzle first in order to cause the room to fill with water as the key is on the second level of the room.

Locate The Short Ladder That Leads To A Platform

Once the room has filled with water you need to find the platform with a short ladder that can only be reached by swimming up to it.

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You need to climb the ladder and then activate the pulley, but instead of going right to continue your adventure, you need to hop onto the suspended platform to your left. The cave will be tinted red and inside you will find the key sitting there waiting for you, and your only hope is that you don't experience a beard error.

When Do You Use It?

The Silver Blade Key will be put to use in the next segment of your journey when you enter the cavern with a ship suspended in the air. You will have to fight a variety of hostile enemies, including an enormous Kraken before you can use this precious item, and PVP fights will prepare you for this battle.

The most important thing you can do is put it somewhere for safekeeping while you battle it out, as it is an item you must place on the ground in order to fight. Many choose to place it next to the door on the ship’s deck as this is what it will open up to give you access to the Chest of Everlasting Sorrows once the fight is over.

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