Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game: How To Unlock Nega Scott

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game’s release in 2021 ends the seven-year period following its delisting. After Bryan Lee O’Malley, Anamanaguchi, and fans protested the game’s unavailability, Ubisoft finally announced the complete edition.

Since then, fans have been enjoying Scott Pilgrim’s journey to win Ramona Flowers’ heart. With characters like Scott, Kim, Ramona, Stephen, Knives, and Wallace, it’s a roster filled with fantastic characters. But there is another. Nega Scott serves as a secret unlockable to those who comb through the game. With some work and the right information, anyone can get their hands on the game’s most powerful playable character, Nega Scott.


To unlock Nega Scott, solo players will have to beat the game a minimum of four times. Each time, they’ll have to use a different character, one from the original game’s starting lineup. The four characters that must be used to beat the game are:

  • Scott Pilgrim
  • Kim Pine
  • Stephen Stills
  • Ramona Flowers

Players will have to beat the game in its entirety, defeating each member of The League of Evil Exes and Nega Scott, reaching the end credits with these four characters. While solo players have only one option, local coop players can move this process along in a single playthrough. Here’s a checklist of the game’s bosses for those who need a refresher:

  • Matthew Patel
  • Lucas Lee
  • Todd Ingram
  • Roxanne Richter
  • Kyle and Ken Katayanagi
  • Nega Scott
  • Gideon Graves

Be sure to check our guides if you’re struggling with any of these enemies.


Don’t try to tackle this challenge alone. To make quick work of this task, grab a few friends either locally or via an online lobby. If playing locally, beating the game in a four-person lobby will unlock Nega Scott for player one. This is the quickest way to tackle this mission. For those without access to three local friends, take the following tips into account to expedite the process.

  • Go to the Start Screen. Activate The Power of Love Cheat (Square, Square, Square, Cross, Circle, Triangle) This spawns the game’s strongest weapon at the beginning of each level.
  • Activate the Noble Sacrifice cheat (Hold Cross while inputting Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle.) That cheat gives $50 after each death. Use this money to purchase character upgrades early on, making for much easier playthroughs. Head over to the Shopping District in World 1 to pick up several upgrades.
  • Play the game on Average Joe difficulty. Unlocking Nega Scott doesn’t have a challenge requirement, so choose the easiest mode. Avoid the Rough & Tough and Supreme Master difficulties. These can drag out the experience unnecessarily.

Adhering to these tips and tricks will make the arduous task of unlocking Nega Scott that much easier. Though it may take some time, he’s a character well worth the price of admission. With improved damage, a unique summon in Nega Knives, and his own special abilities, players will undoubtedly be impressed with Nega Scott‘s kit.

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