Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game: How To Beat Lucas Lee

Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers have an unusual relationship. While they get along well enough, Ramona carries a bit of baggage. While some people have trust issues, Ramona has seven evil exes that stand in the way of her love life.

The League of Evil Exes are after Scott, and he’ll have to beat them all to stay with his new girlfriend. The premise is hilarious, but the bosses in this game can be quite the challenge. With Matthew Patel out of the way, Scott’s next opponent is Lucas Lee, a movie star with a rotten attitude. The second member in the League of Evil Exes fights far differently from his predecessor. Check out these tips to take down Lucas with ease.


Before facing off against Lucas Lee, make sure to grab some items from the level’s shop, Chipwagon. Unlike previous shops, the items in the Chipwagon focus on health recovery and give minimal boosts to stats:

  • French Fries-$1.80 (35 HP)
  • Poutine-$3.50 (40 HP, 5 Guts, and 1 Defense)
  • European Hot Dog-$3.80 (45 HP, 5 Guts, and 1 Willpower)
  • Buffalo Burger-$5.80 (55 HP, 20 Guts, and 1 Strength)
  • Croque-Monsieur-$6.50 (55 HP, 20 Guts, and 2 Speed)

Those interested in boosting stats will want to head back to the Shopping District in World 1. The level leading up to this boss can chip away at health because of so many enemies. If Scott and his friends are running low on lives, they may want to force a Game Over and start this level fresh.

Lucas Lee: Phase One

Unlike Matthew Patel, Lucas Lee doesn’t boast any mystical abilities. What he lacks is move variety he makes up for in damage output. Lucas will directly attack Scott and his friends with a variety of:

  • Punches
  • Kicks
  • Rushes

Make sure to block when he gets close, striking in between his combos. Because he is limited to melee combat, mix in some support attacks, as they have a range that will outclass Lucas’. Save some Willpower, though, as it does work to revive you if you reach 0 HP. Every two Willpower points will translate to one Health point.

Lucas Lee: Phase Two

After taking substantial damage, Lucas will activate the second stage of the boss fight. This phase consists of several new mechanics:

  • Skateboarding minions
  • The introduction of Lucas’ Skateboard Combat

When these skateboarding minions arrive, Lucas will swipe one of their boards and use it as a weapon and transportation. Be wary of his movements, as he’ll alternate swatting Scott and his allies with the board with riding in and out of the stage. While he’s zipping around, focus on his fellow skateboarders, taking them out as quickly as possible.

Once the extras are dealt with, shift focus back to Lucas, staying mobile to avoid his board dashes. If he’s riding, keep moving, as it can be hard to interpret where he’ll reappear. Once he’s on the screen, make sure to give a few quick jabs until he hops off the Skateboard. The best time to deal damage is when he’s off the board, so mix in a few good combos each time he hops off.

The closer Lucas is to death, the more he’ll flash yellow, so keep the pressure on until he rides off the railing to his demise.

Nice going! You’ve now beaten two of the seven members in the League of Evil Exes! Be ready for the next, as he’ll pose a greater challenge than either Matthew or Lucas.

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