Scenes From Nier: Automata We Hope To See In The Anime

Nier: Automata contains many iconic moments across its story, from the shocking plot twists, to the visually incredible battle scenes. A confirmed Nier: Automata anime is in the works (which seems to be focused on the events of the game), and whilst it's unknown how closely it will follow the game's storyline, there are many scenes that deserve the anime treatment.

This isn't just limited to the big dramatic set pieces; there are many smaller (but no less significant) moments that would feel paltry to omit. Luckily, the benefit of it being a series rather than a film is that there's less of a time constraint, so it's more likely for these moments to appear.

10 Opening Factory Sequence

As opening numbers go for video games, the factory sequence is easily amongst the most dynamic. Whether you're playing as 2B or 9S, it's a high-octane tutorial where you must defeat machines of various sizes, including a colossal one at the end for your first boss.

Given that giant robots and spectacular fight sequences are the bread and butter of many anime, this will surely look brilliant. There's also the chance that you'll be able to see both scenarios at the same time, rather than as separate characters.

9 First Sighting Of The Amusement Park

The amusement park is one of the best locations from the entire game, and the first moment you see it is simply stunning. It serves as a huge shift in tone, and also shows that there's much more complexity to the machines than simply being enemies.

The anime would provide a perfect opportunity to perhaps delve into some of the areas inaccessible in the game, as well as providing even more spectacle to the fight against Simone (or Beauvoir) at the end of the sequence.

8 First Sighting Of Pascal's Village

The village of peaceful machines is a wonderful location filled with delightful characters. In particular, the moment where you first see it acts as the perfect calming moment after the amusement park's climax, and also introduces Pascal, the leader of the pacifist machines (and one of the game's most important characters).

Seeing the village in the anime might allow for more opportunities to see 2B and 9S have some deeper interactions between themselves and the machines, and we might also get more of an idea of their daily lives.

7 Final Eve Fight

2B and 9S's battle against Eve at the end of the prologue is a very powerful moment. You're battling against a machine who is grieving after the loss of Adam, but has no understanding of the concept or how to handle it.

The fight itself is an incredible spectacle, and the anime would be able to show a good range of dynamic shots. There's also the opportunity for the show to be a bit meta during this scene.

6 A2 Kills 2B

This is one of the most significant scenes in Nier: Automata because of two reasons: it establishes the seething hatred 9S feels for A2, and it marks the point where A2 must carry on 2B's work.

It's particularly poignant because 2B knows that she's done for at this point. The virus is inside her, and she can't fight against it, so she does it to protect 9S. The anime also has the chance to use certain camera angles to make the build-up even more dramatic.

5 9S vs. A2

9S' burning hatred towards A2 comes to a head at the very top of the enormous tower, where the two face-off against each other after having battled the deadliest of the machines. By this point, 9S is too far gone to listen to any reason, and his only desire is to kill A2.

Climactic one-on-one fights are always a brilliant sight to behold in anime, so this moment would undoubtedly look incredible, especially given that it would also be done as part of the finale.

4 Devola And Popola's Atonement

Towards the final chapter of the game, Devola and Popola assist 9S in his efforts to hack into the tower. These two androids suffer terrible hardships during the story but accept it, believing themselves deserving of punishment, and this scene is viewed by them as their "atonement."

What makes this moment so special is that it comes with a new rendition of "Song of the Ancients" from the original Nier (also named "Atonement"). As a result, a closing act of this grandeur deserves to appear in the anime.

3 Romeos And Juliets

This is one of the more comedic sequences in Nier: Automata, and is easy to miss if you don't return to Simone's arena after her battle. Here, a group of machine actors perform an adaptation Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet."

However, there are multiple Romeos and Juliets, and the machines decide to rectify this problem by destroying each other. It's understandable if this scene is omitted, but it would also be a shame because the dialogue is incredibly funny, and it works as a light-hearted moment in an otherwise dark game.

2 Battle Against Grun

One of the game's most dramatic set pieces is this ocean-based multi-stage battle. A truly colossal machine known as Grun surfaces from below the depths, and it takes a herculean feat from 2B and 9S to defeat it.

As incredible as this moment is in the game, the anime would arguably make it even better because 2B and 9S will be able to move around much more freely in comparison, since you can only move within the confines of the screen when playing the game.

1 The Fall Of Yorha

This moment comes as a massive blow after all the effort you've put in up until this point. You've taken down Adam and Eve and victory over the machines seems at hand, until the machines use a virus to hack into the android network and deal a devastating blow to Yorha.

The game mainly focuses on the perspectives of 2B and 9S, but the anime would have a chance to focus on other characters during this moment, such as the commander or the operators in the Bunker.

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