"Scarlett VR" Found In Microsoft Flight Simulator Files

Currently, Microsoft Flight Simulator does not support VR. It wants to, and it is currently undertaking a closed beta test to help configure hardware for a VR update, but right now, it just supports joysticks, controllers, HOTAS setups, and TrackIR. Which is a pretty long list already, but Microsoft has big plans for their reborn flight sim.

Rumors point to PC getting an open beta test for VR in early November, but now we have news that there might also be some sort of VR support for Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to the Xbox Series X.

This comes from an MS Flight Simulator forum post from user Cygnifick who found a very interesting reference to “Scarlett_VR” in the latest game build. Scarlett, if you recall, was the project name Microsoft gave to the Xbox Series X, so Scarlett_VR most likely refers to VR compatibility on the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft’s new Xbox certainly has the hardware to support VR playback, but Xbox head Phil Spencer has been pretty cool when it comes to VR on the Series X, saying late last year that “nobody’s asking for VR.” Microsoft Flight Simulator fans, however, are most definitely asking for VR as soon as humanly possible, being the last major hardware milestone that the game has yet to achieve.

Closed beta signups for VR testing began on October 2nd, and although we haven’t heard anything since then, we have to assume that closed beta is already underway or will begin very shortly. No word on when an open beta or a PC update will be released, but hopefully that too will be soon.

In the meantime, the latest update takes aim at Japan so that some of the small island nation’s landmarks appear slightly more appropriate. And if you’ve been looking to add some sort of career mode to MS Flight Simulator, NeoFly is the mod that does pretty much exactly that. Start off with a license for a simple Cessna 152, then take jobs to make money enough to buy bigger and better planes and licenses.

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