Sairento VR’s Physical Edition Coming to North American Shelves in August

Two weeks ago Mixed Realms and Perp Games released Sairento VR as a physical videogame for those European gamers that like an actual disk to go in their PlayStation VR collection. A North American edition was always on the cards, and now a release date has been confirmed.

Sairento VR for PlayStation VR has been available to NA players for just over a week via PlayStation Store, but for those interested in picking one up from retail shelves you’ll need to wait another four weeks, with the release taking place on Tuesday, 13th August.

Included on the disk will be all the base game weapons and the “Sairento VR – Weapons Pack” DLC from the PC version. These are the Kusarigama which acts like a kama in close quarters combat but can be extended into a sickle and chain and used as a flailing weapon. The Kigiri claw weapon, with the secondary capability of ejecting the claw blades as deadly projectiles. And lastly the Slugger, a unique SMG that is plasma-based and uses a heat management system instead of physical rounds for ammo.

Other than that everything else is the same. So you’ll be able to perform somersaults, multiple jumps, side flips, wall runs, and power slides as you hack, slash, duck, and weave through hordes of enemies. A single-player campaign mode puts you into the ranks of the Silent Ones, a covert organization which practices the code and martial arts of the ancient samurais and ninjas.

VRFocus reviewed Sairento VR in 2018 on PC, giving it four stars, saying: “Sairento VR is one of the best free-flowing combat titles available for VR headsets, showcasing how far development of VR locomotion has come.”

Last month the studio also released Sairento Untethered for Oculus Quest, a stripped-down version which has five maps, simply due to the processing power of the standalone headset. But Mixed Realms is working on several updates to improve that edition.

Sairento VR is coming to North American retail for PlayStation VR on 13th August retailing for $39.99 USD. Pre-orders are available now through Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop. For further updates from Mixed Realms, keep reading VRFocus.

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