Saints Row Customisation Game ‘Boss Factory’ Will Launch At Summer Games Fest Says Insider

It looks like we're going to get a small part of Saints Row a bit early. As early as June 9, according to industry insider, Tom Henderson. According to his sources, Volition will be launching 'Boss Factory', a free to download customisation game that will let you create your Saints Row character before the game launches in August.

According to Henderson's report on Exputer, the game, or app, or whatever you want to call it, will be announced at Summer Games Fest, and will be a "live now" kind of deal. Boss Factory will feature all the customisation options that will feature in the main game, with the ability to export your final creation to the game once it launches.

Additionally, the customisation game will also feature a social element where you will be able to share your creations via a "unique share code". This will allow other players to check out your creations and even download them to use as their own. This will extend to the final game as well.

"For example, I could create a character on my PC and share my code with Xbox and PlayStation players, meaning they can download and play as my character if they desired," says Henderson. "Additionally, the community will also be able to upvote character designs in the Boss Factory and follow their favorite designers. It’s also believed that the Boss Factory will feature a “Hall of Fame” and “Creator’s Corner” where the most upvoted content will be featured, making it easy to find some good content to port over to the main game."

The report also mentions that players will need to create a profile at It has been "suggested" that those who sign up will receive exclusive items like a Marshall Defense Technologies rocket launcher and two exclusive DJ helmets.

Saints Row is said to have an in-depth customisation feature which will let you design your character, base, guns, and vehicles to the minutest of details. It will also let you customize both halves of your character's face separately, giving you the option of running around like Harvey Dent.

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