Saints Row: 7 Best Side Characters In The Game

After Saints Row 4, the only way the series could realistically continue is with a reboot. After all, where do you go from a superpowered US president stopping an alien invasion? However, with a fresh start comes a new set of characters. Admittedly, the Boss is pretty much the same, but there's no Shaundi, Pierce, Kinzie, or Johnny Gat in this one.

There's a new group of Saints in their place. Alongside them are a few more allies and a bunch of villains to round out the supporting cast. With the way the tale is told, pretty much everyone besides the protagonist can be considered a side character as the Boss is the only one that is a constant presence in the main plotline. The following secondary characters make the biggest impression, though.

Warning! There are some minor spoilers below.

7 Tamira

Tamira only has a small role in the game, as she runs the Shady Oak venture. Even so, she leaves an impression due to the comedic nature of her scenes and the dynamic she shares with the Boss.

Her job is to do some shady insurance scams, which she can accomplish in a safe, risk-free way. The protagonist doesn't appreciate this method and opts to throw themselves into traffic instead. This is, of course, the iconic Saints Row activity known as Insurance Fraud. Tamira continually questions the absurdity of the Boss's actions and is understandably shocked that the character remains in one piece.

6 Jim Rob

The first meeting between the Boss and Jim Rob (aka JR) happens early in the game when the two go on a Mad Max-style mission for Marshall. They're supposed to be spying on a convey, but things quickly head south, which makes for a funny section of the game as the Boss tries desperately to stick to recon. JR adds to the hilarity as the protagonist's driver.

He makes a few comments about him and the Boss being mavericks. Yet, as the mission goes on, his status as a maverick really begins to be questioned. After that mission, he serves as a loyal ally running the local garage.

5 Gwen

Outside of the Boss, Gwen is the first character you meet in the game. She serves as your commanding officer at the start and is a bit of a disciplinarian as she tries to make the protagonist follow orders.

She's not the most fun character, but she works as a great foil for the Boss. And there is some humor to watching her try to handle the distinctly uncontrollable protagonist. The LARP missions with Eli allow you to see a bit of a lighter side of Gwen, as you find out she loves live-action roleplay. But that still doesn't spawn a friendship between her and the Boss.

4 Eli

Eli caused a bit of controversy within the Saints Row fanbase before the game was even released. This is because he appeared in a trailer, and people immediately pointed out that he didn't look like a gangster.

Well, he doesn't really act like one, either, as he's less of a hardened criminal and more of a businessman. As such, he's integral to the Saints' goal of taking over Santo Ileso. Plus, he's a likable guy who can crack a joke and is not afraid to show his nerdy side. He will never go down as the greatest Saints member ever, but he's a welcome addition to the team.

3 Neenah

If you're going to be doing a lot of criminal activity, you're going to need a driver, and that's Neenah's job. Or, at least, it's supposed to be her job, but the game has the Boss driving most of the time. Still, she remains an expert on cars and serves as the Saints' mechanic.

Along with being handy with a wrench, the woman is an entertaining character. For starters, she delivers plenty of strong jokes throughout the game. Plus, her complicated relationship with the Los Panteros is compelling, albeit the game could've explored it further.

2 The Nahualli

During the first mission, you're tasked with bringing down The Nahualli. From the name alone, you know he's going to be someone special as no average joe has 'the' at the start of their name. And you quickly find out he is pretty exceptional.

The man has a mystique to him and is clearly a unique individual who is just as bloodthirsty as the Boss, which is no easy feat. It's also worth mentioning his style as he's one of the more visually impressive characters in the game with his western-inspired outfit and one of gaming's most glorious mustaches on his face.

1 Kevin

Kevin (or Kev) is a lot of things. He's a chef, social media star, former member of the idols, a party boy, and a man who, for some reason, never wears a shirt. More importantly, though, he is a valued member of the Saints.

He isn't just there to cook food for the gang, either – albeit he does do that – he's actually an effective killer and criminal. In fact, he's arguably the best combatant on the team besides the Boss. It's a little surprising he's so good at murdering folks, as he seems like a really nice guy, which is what makes him so likable.

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