Rune Factory 5: Monster Taming Guide

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Taming monsters is one of the returning features in Rune Factory 5 from previous games in the series. The game encourages you to do this as tamed monsters can help out in fights, work on your farms, and even be ridden for extra movement speed.

Some monsters can even produce various items, something that is incredibly helpful if you're trying to fill out your shipping log and cook up every tasty recipe in the game.

How To Build Monster Barns

If you want to tame monsters, you will first need to construct a Monster Barn. In this installment of Rune Factory, Monster Barns can only be built on the backs of Farm Dragons, giant secondary farms that you'll unlock over the course of the game.

You will get five Farm Dragons throughout the game, and each Farm Dragon can have two Monster Barns built on it.

Once you have a Farm Dragon, you can build Monster Barns by heading to Studio Palmo and asking either Palmo or Ryker for a renovation – each barn will cost a certain amount of SEED Points and a significant amount of Lumber and Material Stone.

Once built, Monster Barns can be upgraded to hold more monsters by increasing the number of rooms within.

  • Every room in a Monster Barn can hold four monsters.
  • Every Monster Barn starts with one room.
  • Every Monster Barn can have four rooms added to it, for a total monster capacity of 20.

With five Farm Dragons and two Monster Barns per Farm Dragon, the total number of monsters you can tame in the game is 200.

How To Tame Monsters

Taming monsters is a relatively simple process. As long as you have room in one of your Monster Barns, you can tame a monster by gifting it an item in the same way that you'd gift an item to one of Rigbarth's residents. Just walk up to it with an item in your hands and give it to them.

A small heart will appear above the monster's head and start pulsing – this animation serves the same effect as the Pokeball's shaking in Pokemon, the longer the heart pulses the more likely the taming attempt has been successful.

  • If the heart grows huge, you've successfully tamed the monster and will be prompted to name it.
  • If the heart turns into a skull, you have not successfully tamed the monster.

If the icon above the monster's head turns into a skull immediately, the taming attempt has automatically failed. This means one of five things:

  1. You do not have enough room in your Monster Barns to accommodate this new monster.
  2. You are not a high enough level to tame the monster – level up a bit and come back.
  3. You are trying to tame the monster with an item that harms it, such as Withered Grass or a Failed Dish.
  4. You are trying to tame a boss monster with an item that it does not like.
  5. The monster is not tameable. Some monsters such as King Wooly cannot ever be tamed.

While monsters have favorite items that significantly increase the success rate of taming attempts with them, these are rarely necessary. Brute-forcing the ordeal with cheap items will work eventually unless the monster is a boss. Recommended items are the colored grasses you can find anywhere or Turnip Seeds since they only cost 10G a pop.

To increase your chances of taming a monster, there are two things you can do before giving it items that will boost your success rate:

  • Pet it with the Brush that you can buy at the General Store. You can do this up to 15 times per monster.
  • Attack it with a weapon that has the Love element. This is effective up to four times per monster.
    • To turn any weapon into a Love weapon, upgrade it with a Love Crystal. These can be farmed from Pixies in Everlasting Darkness.

    Tameable Monster Locations

    The table below lists every tameable monster from the various areas and dungeons in the game. Tameable bosses are included in bold at the end of lists.

    This list is currently incomplete and will be updated as we gather more information!

    Phoros WoodlandsBig Muck, Buffaloo, Buffamoo, Chipsqueek, Cluckadoodle, Elefun, Fairy, Fake Turnip, Firefly Bee, Fleecy, Flower Blossom, Goblin, Goblin Archer, High Orc, Hornet, Insect, Mamadoodle, Orc, Orc Archer, Orc Hunter, Ribbitee, Wooly
    Kelve Volcanic RegionFire Slime, Flower Lion, Ghost, Ignis, Monster Box, Red, Ripper, Shadow Panther, Slime, Spider, Spirit
    Lake YuminaAmphibitee, Chippersqueek, Chipsqueek, Duck, Emperor Penguin, Flower Crystal, Griffon, Palm Cat, Rockhopper Penguin Silver Wolf, Siren, Sky Fish, Tundra
    Whispering WoodsGoblin, Insect, Orc, Orc Archer, Ribbitee, Nine-Tailed Fox
    Whispering Woods DepthsBig Muck, Death Fungus, Fake Onion, Giant Bug, Gobble Box, Little Bug, Queen Bee, Ribbitee Hunter, Tricky Muck, Deader Tree
    Belpha RuinsFake Green Pepper, Ghost, Goblin, Goblin Archer, Insect, Sky Fish, Cerberus
    Belpha Ruins DepthsGoblin Sniper, Hobgoblin, Moleguin, Necro, Tricky Muck
    Kelva Lava CavesFire Slime, Flower Lion, Goblin, Hornet, Ignis, Little Bug, Shadow Panther, Spider, Hecatonchire
    Kelve Lava Caves DepthsBuffamore, Croakitee, Elefun, Flame Griffin, Flower Lily, Gobble Box, High Sorcerer, Muchsqueek, Shmooly, Yellow
    Meline Crystal CavernsAmphibitee, Emperor Penguin, Fake Green Pepper, Flower Crystal, Flower Lily, Furpy, Growler, Palm Cat, Rockhopper Penguin, Tundra
    Meline Crystal Cavern DepthsArmored Fish, Gaias, High Sorcerer, Ice Griffin, Mammoth, Murder Troll, Sneaksqueek, Witch
    Atohl's EndDark Sorcerer, Elementalist, Ghost, Goblin King, Goblin Pirate, Growler, Ignis, Magician, Orc King, Ripper, Silent Baku, Snatcher
    Everlasting DarknessCarbuncle, Dark Sorcerer, Hell Ghost, Necro, Pixie, Ripper, Silent Baku
    Gadeus GrasslandsBuffaloo, Chippersqueek, Dark Orc, Fake Tomato, Fleecy, Fuck, Furpy, Goblin King, Hippogriff, Meowly, Queen Bee, Red, Ribitee Hunter, Rockhopper Penguin, Silver Wolf, Timidee, Tricky Muck, Wooly, Needle Beast
    Bandit King's Old BaseBuffahorn, Buffaloo, Furpy, Goblin Pirate, Kaiser Troll, Monster Box, Palm Cat, Troll, Geyser Bear, Mysterious Lizard, Dragon Golem
    Basara's HideawayAirror, Dark Orc, Dark Slime, Gaias, Hammer Troll, Mini Golem, Ribitee Hunter, Green Kaiser, Dark Lizard, Volcanic Dragon
    Thundering WastesBoltguin, Fake Plant, High Sorcerer, Hutner Wolf, Lightning Goblin, Orc Viking, Surprise Box, Titan, Yellow, Medusa

    Monster Production

    The table below lists every item that can be produced by monsters in the game. Note that some monsters will not produce an item items every single day, and that monsters will stop producing items if they are not fed – you'll need to keep your fodder bins stocked, especially if they are being put to work.

    Items produced by monsters will be left on the floor of their respective Monster Barns and must be picked up manually.

    When it comes to Eggs, Milk, and Fur produced by the sheep-like Wooly monsters, the size/quality of the item you get will depend on how close you are to the monster. The more hearts you have with them, the better the item will be. Pet them and give them a gift every day to speed up your friendship. You can check your friendship with monsters on the menu.

    Fur produced by Chipsqueeks will always be (S) quality.

    ItemCategoryMonsters That Produce It
    Bird's FeatherFeathersEmperor Penguin
    Bull's HornSticks and StemsBuffaloo
    Dangerous ScissorsClaws and FangsDiamond Bee
    Eggs (S), (M), (L)DairyCluckadoodle, Mamadoodle
    Fairy DustPowders and SporesFairy
    Fairy ElixirPowders and SporesHigh Pixie
    Fur (S)FursChipsqueek
    Fur (S), (M), (L)FursWooly, Fleecy, Shmooly
    Gold Wolf FangClaws and FangsHunter Wolf
    HoneyDairyHornet, Queen Bee, King Bee
    Insect CarapaceCloths and SkinsInsect
    Insect HornSticks and StemsFirefly Bee
    Lotus LeafSticks and StemsTimidee
    Milk (S), (M), (L)DairyBuffamoo
    Plant StemSticks and StemsFlower Lion
    Poison PowderPowders and SporesTricky Muck
    Pretty CarapaceCloths and SkinsGiant Bug
    Pretty ThreadStringsHell Spider
    Quality FurFursWild Cat
    RootPowders and SporesFlower Blossom
    Spider's JawCalws and FangsMaster Spider
    Spider's ThreadStringsSpider
    SporePowders and SporesBig Muck
    Strong VineStringsFlower Crystal
    Thunderbird FeatherFeathersBoltguin
    VineStringsFlower Lily
    Viscous LiquidLiquidsRibbitee
    Wolf FangClaws and FangsSilver Wolf

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