Rune Factory 4 Special: How To Grow Giant Crops

Farming and growing crops are one of Rune Factory 4's most key gameplay features, so obviously there's a lot you can do with them. One mechanic in the game is that of soil health and quality, which will affect the crops grown in that specific patch.

One thing that is affected by soil quality is the size of the crops grown in that patch of soil. Using a certain item it is possible to grow gigantic versions of crops that sell for a lot more and may be crucial to completing requests or certain recipes.

How To Grow Giant Crops

To grow giant crops you will need an item called Giantizer. These are bags of nutrients that encourage crops to grow larger in size and can eventually cause them to merge into one giant mega-crop. There are two ways to obtain Giantizer:

  • Purchase it from the Flower Shop in Selphia for 12,000 G.
  • Craft it with a Chemistry Set using Lamp Grass.
    • This is a level 47 recipe.
    • Lamp Grass seeds can be purchased at the Flower Shop once you have completed the Harvest Cherry Grass request.

    It is cheaper by far to make Giantizer yourself than by purchasing it, as a pack of Lamp Grass Seeds only costs 2,000 G.

    To use Giantizer, you must head to your field and use it on the patch of soil you wish to grow giant crops on. The Giantizer will work on a full two by two patch of soil, increasing its [Sz.]+ stat. A patch of soil's [Sz.]+ stat can be checked with a Magnifying Glass.

    If you want giant crops, there are a few steps you must follow:

    1. Plant four of the same crop into a two by two patch of soil that has had Giantizer used on it.
    2. Water the crops daily as you would with any other crop.
    3. Once the crops are ready for harvesting, do not harvest them. Continue to water them daily.
    4. The crops will eventually grow very large. Still do not harvest them – they are not ready until they have merged into one gigantic crop.
    5. When the crops have merged and the resulting crop takes up the entire two by two patch of soil, you can harvest it.

    It's important to note that Giantizer affects the soil and not any crops planted in the soil directly. This means that it will continue to work even after your giant crops have been harvested.

    Giant crops will sell for more money than normal crops, and some are used in recipes and villager requests. If you want to grow lots of these giant crops, there are some more things that you should keep in mind:

    • Whether or not crops merge on a new day is dictated by a combination of chance and soil quality. Use items like Greenifier to increase the quality of your soil and keep it healthy with fertilizer for the best chances of giantizing.
    • Crops that are out of season will take longer to giantize.

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