Rune Factory 4 Special: Complete Guide To Cooking

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Learning how to cook is a massive part of life in Rune Factory 4 – it provides you with powerful healing items, special gifts for your favorite NPCs, and a lucrative money-making venture. While it's possible to ignore the feature to an extent, indulging in it will be greatly profitable.

The system is quite simple. You use ingredients and Rune Points (RP) to create dishes and learn recipes by eating Recipe Bread (or using a handy guide, hint hint). Eventually, you'll have a fully decked-out kitchen and be a culinary master.

Cooking Basics

Recipes are learned by consuming Recipe Bread, items you can buy from the staff at Porcoline's restaurant or find elsewhere, for example, as a reward for certain festivals.

This guide will list every cooking recipe in the game and its ingredients. You can cook these dishes without knowing the recipes in-game by using the 'Do not use recipe' option in the cooking menu. Be aware that there are some limits to what you can do with this:

  • If the recipe level is between one and nine levels higher than your cooking skill level, your recipe might fail.
  • If the recipe level is more than nine levels higher than your cooking skill level, the recipe will fail.
    • If the recipe level is equal to or below your cooking skill level, the dish cannot fail.
    • Failing a dish will still put the dish into your inventory as a failed dish. This dish has adverse effects and will damage both the health and the friendship level of anyone you give it to.
  • Cooking a dish without knowing the recipe in-game will cost substantially more RP than it would if you knew it.
  • When cooking, you must use the correct tool for the job. There are multiple cooking tools that you can purchase from Porcoline in exchange for money, lumber, and material stone. They are the Cooking Table, Knife, Mixer, Frying Pan, Oven, Steamer, and Pot.

    • The Cooking Table is received for free during the game's tutorial section.
    • To order a Knife, Mixer, and Frying Pan, you will need to acquire an EZ Cooking License.
    • To order an Oven, Steamer, and Pot, you will need to acquire a Pro Cooking License.

    These will usually take up quite a lot of room, but once you have them all, you can spend 5,000 Prince/ss Points on an order that combines the tool into one. This does not combine them into one space-saving tool but allows you to cook any recipe from any tool.

    • What this does mean is that you could place all but one of your cooking tools in someplace remote such as the corner of a monster barn where they won't be in the way. You will still be able to use all of them from whatever you keep in your room.

    When cooking, you can take ingredients from your backpack, your storage box, and any refrigerators that you have. Refrigerators can be purchased from Porcoline just like the cooking tools, and they will hold all food items that cannot be placed inside the storage box.

    When it comes to your dishes, you will get a better result by using better ingredients. Not only does this mean using higher-level items, but you'll also get a better dish by using giant versions of crops and larger dairy items (Eggs and Milk).

    Simple Recipes

    These recipes require the use of the Cooking Table.

    Pickled Turnip4Turnip
    Bamboo Rice7Rice, Bamboo Sprout
    Pickled Turnip12Pink Turnip
    Salmon Onigiri20Salted Salmon, Rice
    Cheese22Sour Drop, Milk
    Sandwich34Bread, Egg, Cucumber
    Fruit Sandwich35Bread, Strawberry
    Pickle Mix48Turnip, Pink Turnip
    Relax Tea Leaves50White Grass, Orange Grass, Green Grass, Purple Grass, Yellow Grass, Blue Grass
    Salad67Mayonnaise, Cucumber, Tomato, Cabbage
    Turnip Heaven96Turnip, Pink Turnip, Golden Turnip

    Knife Recipes

    These recipes require the use of a Knife. Every one of them is a sashimi recipe that solely uses a fish you have caught or bought.

    Pike Sashimi1Pike
    Trout Sashimi2Masu Trout
    Cherry Sashimi3Cherry Salmon
    Needlefish Sashimi4Needlefish
    Squid Sashimi4Squid
    Girella Sashimi6Girella
    Sardine Sashimi8Sardine
    Salmon Sashimi12Salmon
    Shrimp Sashimi14Shrimp
    Char Sashimi15Char
    Turbot Sashimi21Turbot
    Rainbow Sashimi26Rainbow Trout
    Flounder Sashimi30Flounder
    Skipjack Sashimi37Skipjack
    Lobster Sashimi40Lobster
    Snapper Sashimi50Snapper
    Lamp Squid Sashimi53Lamp Squid
    Fall Sashimi58Fall Flounder
    Lover Sashimi63Throbby Snapper
    Yellowtail Sashimi68Yellowtail
    Blowfish Sashimi71Blowfish
    Tuna Sashimi74Tuna
    Sunsquid Sashimi77Sunsquid
    Taimen Sashimi79Taimen
    Glitter Sashimi92Glitter Snapper

    Mixer Recipes

    These recipes require the use of a Mixer. Most of these recipes use fruit, though some are used to make ingredients for other recipes.

    Orange Juice5Orange
    Grape Juice7Grapes
    Apple Juice11Apple
    Fruit Juice18Apple, Grapes, Orange
    Ice Cream25Sweet Powder, Milk
    Mayonnaise28Oil, Egg
    Strawberry Milk33Strawberry, Milk
    Tomato Juice35Tomato
    Fruit Smoothie37Fruit Juice, Milk
    Ketchup38Sour Drop, Tomato
    Vegetable Juice59Pumpkin, Turnip, Carrot, Spinach
    Prelude to Love61Pink Melon, Strawberry
    Veggie Smoothie65Vegetable Juice, Milk
    Hot Juice76Heavy Spice, Hot-Hot Fruit
    Pineapple Juice81Pineapple
    Mixed Juice83Apple, Grapes, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Milk
    Mixed Smoothie91Mixed Juice, Honey
    Gold Juice99Golden Pumpkin, Emery Flower, Golden Potato, Golden Turnip, Golden Cabbage

    Frying Pan Recipes

    These recipes use the Frying Pan tool.

    Salted Pond Smelt6Pond Smelt, Sour Drop
    Salted Pike8Pike, Sour Drop
    Baked Apple9Apple
    Salted Masu Trout9Masu Trout, Sour Drop
    Salted C. Salmon12Cherry Salmon, Sour Drop
    Grilled Needlefish12Needlefish, Sour Drop
    Grilled Squid13Squid, Sour Drop
    Grilled C. Carp14Crucian Carp, Sour Drop
    Grilled S. Flounder15Sand Flounder, Sour Drop
    Grilled Girella16Girella, Sour Drop
    Grilled Mackerel16Mackerel, Sour Drop
    Salted Salmon17Salmon, Sour Drop
    Grilled Shrimp18Shrimp, Sour Drop
    Salted Char19Char, Sour Drop
    Grilled Gibelio19Gibelio, Sour Drop
    Fried Eggs20Egg
    Grilled Turbot21Turbot, Sour Drop
    Salted Chub23Chub, Sour Drop
    French Fries24Oil, Potato
    Dried Sardines24Sardine, Sardine, Sardine
    Salted R. Trout27Rainbow Trout, Sour Drop
    Omelet28Milk, Egg
    Fried Rice30Rice, Oil, Egg
    Miso Eggplant31Eggplant
    French Toast31Bread, Egg
    Grilled Flounder31Flounder, Sour Drop
    Croquettes33Oil, Potato, Egg
    Tempura36Oil, Flour, Shrimp, Egg
    Grilled Skipjack37Skipjack, Sour Drop
    Grilled Lobster41Lobster, Sour Drop
    Donut46Oil, Flour, Butter, Egg¹
    Risotto48Rice, Wine, Butter
    Pancakes49Flour, Honey, Milk, Egg
    Grilled Snapper51Snapper, Sour Drop
    Corn Cereal53Corn, Milk
    Grilled Lamp Squid54Lamp Squid, Sour Drop
    Grilled F. Flounder58Fall Flounder, Sour Drop
    Curry Bread59Oil, Flour, Curry Rice
    Curry Bread59Oil, Flour, Dry Curry
    Omelet Rice60Omelet, Rice, Ketchup
    Fried Veggies62Cabbage
    Cabbage Cakes64Flour, Cabbage, Egg, Leek
    Grilled L. Snapper66Throbby Snapper, Sour Drop
    Grilled Yellowtail69Yellowtail, Sour Drop
    Grilled Blowfish72Blowfish, Sour Drop
    Tuna Teriyaki75Tuna, Sour Drop
    Grilled Sunsquid78Sunsquid, Sour Drop
    Salted Taimen80Taimen, Sour Drop
    Dry Curry86Rice, Curry Powder, Carrot, Onion
    Gyoza88Flour, Onion, Cabbage
    Grilled G. Snapper93Glitter Snapper, Sour Drop
    Fried Udon95Flour, Onion, Carrot, Cabbage

    ¹ Only Egg (M) will work for the Donut recipe.

    Oven Recipes

    These recipes require the use of an Oven. This is where the cooking tools become expensive, with the Oven, Steamer, and Pot all requiring lots of material stone.

    Baked Onigiri10Onigiri
    Sweet Potato20Yam
    Raisin Bread27Flour, Grapes
    Jam Roll34Flour, Jam, Egg, Milk
    Apple Pie36Flour, Apple, Butter, Egg
    Cookie38Flour, Sweet Powder, Egg, Butter
    Seafood Doria39Rice, Shrimp, Cheese, Squid, Milk
    Seafood Gratin42Flour, Shrimp, Cheese, Squid, Milk
    Butter Roll43Flour, Butter, Sweet Powder, Chocolate, Egg
    Choco Cookie45Flour, Butter, Sweet Powder, Chocolate, Egg
    Cheese Cake46Cheese, Egg, Milk, Sweet Powder
    Yam of the Ages47Sweet Powder, Butter, Milk, Yam
    Chocolate Cake48Flour, Chocolate, Butter, Sweet Powder, Milk, Egg
    Corn on the Cob52Corn
    Cake54Flour, Butter, Sweet Powder, Strawberry, Milk, Egg
    Seafood Pizza56Flour, Cheese, Ketchup, Shrimp, Squid
    Pizza60Flour, Cheese, Ketchup, Eggplant, Green Pepper
    Doria84Rice, Cheese, Milk, Onion
    Gratin85Flour, Cheese, Milk, Onion

    Steamer Recipes

    These recipes will require a Steamer.

    Dumplings2Rice Flour
    Chinese Manju15Flour, Bamboo Sprout
    Pound Cake23Flour, Egg
    Flan29Egg, Milk
    Steamed Bread32Flour, Egg, Milk
    Chocolate Sponge35Flour, Chocolate, Egg, Milk
    Cheese Bread44Flour, Cheese, Egg, Milk
    Pumpkin Flan48Egg, Milk, Pumpkin
    Curry Manju57Flour, Curry
    Meat Dumpling82Flour, Shrimp, Onion
    Steamed Gyoza90Flour, Onion, Cabbage

    Pot Recipes

    To make these recipes, you will need a Pot cooking tool.

    Rice Porridge2Rice
    Grape Jam9Grapes
    Apple Jam10Apple
    Hot Chocolate11Chocolate
    Boiled Spinach13Spinach
    Hot Milk17Milk
    Boiled Egg18Egg
    Yogurt19Sweet Powder, Milk
    Milk Porridge20Rice, Milk
    Egg Bowl21Rice, Egg
    Boiled Pumpkin25Pumpkin
    Strawberry Jam27Strawberry
    Glazed Yam28Sweet Powder, Yam
    Grilled Miso29Radish
    Cheese Fondue32Bread, Cheese
    Grape Liqueur39Grapes, Wine
    Rockfish Stew45Rockfish
    Tempura Udon54Tempura, Udon
    Curry Rice55Rice, Curry Powder, Carrot, Potato
    Curry Udon56Flour, Curry Rice
    Curry Udon56Flour, Dry Curry
    Tempura Bowl70Rice, Tempura
    Relax Tea73Relax Tea Leaves, Honey, Pink Melon, Leek
    Stew87Flour, Milk¹, Potato, Carrot, Onion
    Boiled Gyoza89Flour, Onion, Cabbage
    Union Stew94Radish, Leek, Bok Choy, Mushroom, Hot-Hot Fruit
    Ultimate Curry97Curry Powder, Wine, Devil Blood, Heavy Spice, Onion, Golden Turnip
    Royal Curry98Curry Powder, Apple, Honey, Mixed Herbs, Onion, Emery Flower

    ¹ Only Milk (M) will work for the Stew recipe.

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