Rune Factory 4 Special: Boss Taming Guide

One of the best features of Rune Factory 4 is the ability to tame monsters and recruit them to your farm. There, they will live in your barns, work your fields, and fight alongside you in battle. They are a crucial part of the farm's ecosystem and they're fun to recruit.

It's not just the simple, generic monsters that can be tamed, however – the game's bosses are potential recruits, too! They require a bit more thought and effort to tame, but they are well worth it – they make for some of the best battle partners in the game.

How To Tame Bosses

Taming bosses works in largely the same way as taming normal monsters with one key difference: they will only accept certain items in the taming process. A list of the tameable bosses and the items they like is at the bottom of this article, but first, we have some crucial tips for you:

  • Bosses are much harder to tame than normal enemies and will likely take many attempts. Stock up on their favorite items and be prepared for a long fight.
  • You must have beaten the boss before trying to tame it. Once beaten for the first time, bosses can be refought by revisiting their initial location.
  • Using the brush to make them like you a bit before throwing their gifts at them is a good strategy. You can use the brush 15 times before it stops having an effect.
    • Be careful when using the brush as it does not stop the boss from attacking.
  • You will know that you are using the correct item when the heart speech bubble appears. If you are not using the correct item, the speech bubble will simply not appear at all.
  • Be careful with bosses that don't have walls to their arena – gifts that are thrown off the platform are lost forever.
  • If the boss's favorite item is a crop, it must be a giantized crop. Check out our guide to farming giant crops to find out more.
  • Some bosses cannot be tamed. To avoid story spoilers, we are simply not including them in the table below – if the boss is not in the table, it cannot be tamed.
  • BossFavorite Items
    AmbrosiaUltra Toyherb, Ultra Moondrop, King Pink Cat, Great Charm Blue
    ThunderboltRoyal Carrot
    MarionettaChocolate Cake, Cheese Cake, Apple Pie
    Dead TreeGreenifier+, Formula C
    ChimeraRoyal Curry, Ultimate Curry
    SarcophagusGold Juice, Mixed Juice, Mixed Smoothie
    TerrableTurnip Heaven
    FiersomeGold Juice
    AquaticusUnion Stew
    GrimoireGold Prince Potato, Golden King Cabbage, Golden Tyrant Turnip, Golden Doom Pumpkin
    Bane DragonRockfish Stew
    OctopirateGrilled Snapper
    Crystal MammothKing Pineapple
    HinoeSalted Char
    KinotoSalted Char
    SirenGreat 4-Leaf Clover
    Death WallIce Cream
    Greater DemonBig Fireflower, Big Autumn Grass
    G GolemOrichalcum
    EmeraldBig Green Crystal
    MarinBig Blue Crystal
    OliveBig White Crystal
    RougeBig Red Crystal

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