Rogue Company: A Complete Guide To Saint

Saint is the master of healing in Rogue Company as he provides medical support to every teammate in need. He is one of the free characters who everyone can use when they first start the game, but he is a blessing in disguise. Some neglect to see his value, and that is because they fail to understand how to use him effectively in a match.

Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks that can make him your new favorite Rogue to use. You will watch your wins spike through the roof as you finally grasp what makes Saint truly great.



  • MLX Mark 4 (Assault Rifle)
  • Mamba (DMR)


  • Executioner (Pistol)


  • Throwing Axe


  • Smoke Grenade: A grenade that releases a thick cloud of obscuring smoke and reduces enemy movement when upgraded.
  • C4: Explosive device that can be detonated remotely and upgrades increase throwable distance.


  • Evade: movement speed is increased for a short time when damaged
  • Cloaked: unable to be revealed by enemies
  • Helping Hand: complete revives faster
  • Bounce Back: health regeneration delay is reduced
  • Headstrong: add an additional 25 armor to your health bar, which can be regenerated by holding down the reload button
  • Tracker Rounds: if you hit an enemy with your firearm then they will be revealed to your team

What To Buy First In The Shop

Originally, the MLX Mark 4 used to be an average gun as its scope made it difficult to use, but not anymore. Since the most recent update, they removed the scope and it has become one of the best guns in the game.

Your focus should be on unlocking this primary weapon, then you should buy a Smoke Grenade to provide cover when reviving your teammate. If you are a team player then the most helpful perk is Helping Hand, as it will assist your ability in picking up your teammates more quickly. Otherwise, Cloaked is great, especially when a Dallas is on the other team, or even Heaadstrong to give you a bit more health to pick up your teammates even when in a fight.


  • Active: Send a medical drone to any downed teammate to revive them.
  • Passive: When you revive a teammate both your health and theirs will be increased significantly.

How To Use Them

The biggest perk to the drone is that it can revive teammates anywhere on the map, but make sure you remember to use it. It is also helpful for you if the drone completes a revive as it will regenerate some of your own lost health, which is useful if you send it out in the middle of a firefight. His active and passive work hand-in-hand so if you forget to use your ability then this character will be useless in your hands.

Counters Against Them

The biggest counters to Saint is that enemies can either destroy the revive drone or just finish everyone they down. This is where opponents will also equip grenades, or use Dima’s active ability, as they can lob them onto downed enemies to finish them or keep the drone from completing a revive. Also, his trip mine has a small radius so unless it is meticulously placed, then chances are it won’t damage anyone.

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