Risk Of Rain 2: Everything You Need To Know About Void Items

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The Survivors of the Void update for Risk of Rain 2 has recently been released, giving us tons of new content. In addition to new survivors and stages, we were given a new type of item. This new variety of items comes from the Void and can be retrieved from Void Cradles.

In this guide, we are going to go over everything you need to know about Void items; this will include how to get them and what the effects are of each item. These items are not part of the base game, so be sure that you have the Survivors of the Void DLC.

What Is A Void Cradle?

A Void Cradle is an interactable pod-shaped chest that holds a Void item. Similar to Shrines of Blood, Void Cradles will take 50 percent of your health upon activation.

This damage can be blocked or lessened with items such as Tougher Times, as well as any shield-creating items.

Void Cradles have a chance to appear at any stage; there is no specific stage or location where you can find a Void Cradle. Much like Lunar Pods, the chances to find one are random.

Activating The Void Cradle

Upon activation, the Void Cradle will open and drop one Void item while spawning anywhere between one and four Void Infestors. Void Infestors are a new type of enemy that looks like little bugs. They move pretty quickly and can leap onto other monsters.

If the Void Infestor isn't killed before leaping onto a monster, the monster will become Voidtouched. It's important to know that Void Infestors can also leap onto all non-player characters; this includes any allies that are fighting at your side. Becoming Voidtouched will cause the target to become hostile towards you, regardless of whether they are normally hostile or not.

Voidtouched enemies can inflict Collapse upon players. This dangerous effect will deal 400% damage per stack after three seconds. If you are being attacked by multiple Voidtouched enemies, this can quickly kill you.

Once the Voidtouched enemy has been defeated, the Void Infestor will hop off and search for a new target. Because of this, it's important to quickly kill any Void Infestors that spawn.

Void Items

There are 14 Void items available in the game. These items will glow purple, and can only be found in the Void Cradles described above.

Each Void item will have a normal item counterpart that it corrupts; this will apply to all stacks of the item. For example, the Lysate Cell corrupts the Fuel Cell. If you have 3 Fuel Cells and then pick up one Lysate Cell, the Lysate Cell will function as though you have three stacked. Keep this in mind as you find Void Cradles.

Additionally, Void items instantly corrupt any item gained afterward. If you are holding a Lysate Cell and then gain a Fuel Cell, it will immediately corrupt.

Below, you can find all 14 Void items, as well as what they do and what items they corrupt.

ItemWhat It DoesWhat It Corrupts
Benthic BloomUpgrades 3 random items into the next higher rarity item at the start of a stage.57 Leaf Clover
Encrusted KeyCauses a hidden cache containing an item to appear at random locations.

  • Consumed upon use.
Rusted Key
Lost Seer's LensesAttacks have a 0.5% chance to instantly kill any non-boss.Lens-Maker's Glasses
Lysate CellAdds one charge to Special Skills and reduces cooldown by 33%.Fuel Cell
Needletick10% chance to apply Collapse effect to enemies.Tri-Tipped Dagger
Newly Hatched ZoeaEvery 60 seconds, you will gain a random Void ally.

  • You will only be able to have one ally at a time.
All Yellow Items
Plasma ShrimpGain a shield that equals 10% of your maximum health.

  • When the shield is active, fire missiles at enemies that you attack, dealing 40% total damage.
AtG Missile Mk. 1
Pluripotent LarvaAfter dying, this item will be consumed and you will return to life with 3 seconds of invulnerability.

  • Any items you are holding that can be corrupted will be.
Dio's Best Friend
Polylute25% chance to fire lightning at enemies, dealing 60% total damage up to 3 times.Ukulele
Safer SpacesBlocks incoming damage one time.

  • This item recharges over 15 seconds.
Tougher Times
Singularity BandAttacks that deal more than 400% damage will fire a black hole that sucks in enemies within 15m.

  • This will last for 5 seconds, and deal 100% total damage, but needs to recharge every 20 seconds.
  • Runald's Band
  • Kjaro's Band
Tentabauble5% chance to root enemies on hit.Cronobauble
Voidsent FlameIf you hit an enemy that has full health, a lava pillar will spawn with a 12m radius, dealing 350% base damage.Will-o'-the-wisp
Weeping FungusHeal for 2% of your health every second while sprinting.Bustling Fungus

That's all there is to know about Void items! Be sure to check out our guides on the new survivors, Railgunner and Void Fiend.

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