Risk Of Rain 2: 10 Pro Tips For Playing The Captain

If you are playing with a group of friends in Risk of Rain 2 and they don’t yet have a Captain on the team, you will immediately become MVP of the group by filling in this role. He’s often considered the primary support character, but don’t take for granted what a talented player can do with the Captain on his own either.

However, it’s very easy to play the Captain in a way that makes you useless. If you go into the game thinking you’re going to button mash your way to glory, then pick another character, any other character. If you accept the challenge, you’ll be well-rewarded for mastering the Captain, and veterans of the game who have played the Captain and won’t go back to another class have lots of wisdom to offer others who wish to do the same.

Staying Safe With The Vulcan Shotgun

When gamers hear “shotgun” they believe they have to get up close and personal in order to maximize its effectiveness. There is a rich history of video games that encourage that, but Risk of Rain 2 is trying to change the tradition in this area.

By charging up the shotgun, the bullet spread shrinks until your gun is essentially a sniper rifle. As none of your abilities benefit from getting in close to a target and you have no mobility abilities, you shouldn’t feel the least bit guilty hanging back and firing these precisely charged shots.

Going Rapid Fire

Perhaps the greatest mistake that rookies make with the Captain is that they get so used to charging up the shotgun, they forget to fire it rapidly when enemies have gotten in close. They’re missing out on some sorely needed DPS.

It’s best to keep enemies at range, but obviously not every enemy will stay at range willingly. When this happens, instead of charging your gun, fire it rapidly. The shells have a wide spread when not charged, but that doesn’t matter when a target is at point-blank range. Instead of getting scared, take the opportunity to let your DPS shine.

Situationally Using The Power Taser

Gamers are a creative bunch and they’ll find a way to squeeze every ability at their disposal into some kind of damage rotation. But the Power Taser must be left out of doing regular damage so that the cooldown is ready when you need it most.

The Power Taser only does 100% damage, compared to your primary weapon’s 120% times 8. This means you are far better off shooting than using this ability. However, it’s not useless. The ability has a shock tied to it that will stagger and stun enemies, so save this for when the action gets too hot.

Resetting Your Attack

If you’re pretty sure that no enemy is going to be getting close to you anytime soon, you can use your power taser to reset your attack animation. This is a very small boost in damage, but every little bit counts and it can mean the difference between life and death.

When you attack, immediately use your Power Taser, then fire again right away. You’ll basically be getting off two attacks consecutively. If an enemy is close to you, you’ll upgrade that number to three attacks including the taser.

Helping Out Your Legendary Item

The Captain’s free legendary item, the Defensive Microbots, will shoot down a projectile every .5 seconds. That’s already an amazing buff and you’ll be thankful for the protection this provides.

However, you can improve the effectiveness of this item by adding attack speed. Even a little bit seems to make a big difference, allowing the microbots to fire much faster than half of a second. While they cannot block melee attacks and lasers and beams can’t be blocked, this can put you at total ease when taking out ranged enemies.

Timing Your Orbital Probe

Anybody who says the Captain does do enough damage is probably right. Anybody who says the Captain does too much damage is also probably right. These perspectives change based on how well you can time out your Orbital Probes.

There is a delay between laying the probes down and unleashing the damage. So it’s easy to miss your targets. However, once you get used to the timing, each probe deals a monstrous 1,500% damage. Doing 4,500% damage every 11 seconds is a nuke that will even make your primary DPS buddies weep with jealousy.

Choose Your Beacons Wisely

The preparation phase means more to the Captain than his counterparts. Whatever he chooses for his special, he’ll be able to use it twice and then he’s done. There are some enticing choices, but some stand out above the others.

Don’t use your beacon for the 2,000% damage. Using this move as a damage ability isn’t wise, your Orbital Probe only needs a cooldown to refresh and it does 4500% damage to this one’s 4,000% (assuming both hit).

All of the buffs are helpful, but hacking is the expert’s choice. You have other ways to heal, resupply, and stun, but if you don’t have a key to a legendary chest, you’ll be glad you prepared this beacon.

Free Scrap Cheese

You can scrap your free legendary item right before ending a run. You’ll get a lot of scrap to use for a legendary scrapper. And, somehow, you will still automatically start out with the Defensive Microbots in your inventory in the next stage.

It’s cheesy for sure, but is it a glitch? Actually, after lots of discussions on the forums, it looks like the team would like to leave this alone as a special “thank you” to players who choose to support. So go ahead and use this tactic guilt-free!

Learn How Your Enemy Moves

More than any other character, the Captain has to be able to pick up on enemy movement. The Orbital Probes need to be timed out and the fully charged shotgun requires pinpoint accuracy.

Most importantly, you don’t have any tricks for your mobility. You need to know where enemies are moving so that you can move somewhere else. You could get items that boost movement, but this will come at the cost of boosting other abilities that are far more important.

Choose Items For Your Orbital Probe

Despite the slow start, with a few items to buff your Orbital Probe, you’ll end up being one of the highest damage dealers in the game while still retaining your support skillset. These are the best items for you:

  • Hardlight Afterburner – Adds 2 charges to your utility skill and reduces the cooldown by 33%. Adding six more shots to your Orbital Probe and bringing the cooldown to 7 seconds? Uh… Yeah. This is your core item.
  • Kjaro’s Band – Hits that do over 400% damage deal 300% damage over time. That’s a nice little debuff to go along with you nuke.
  • Runald’s Band – Hits that do over 400% damage deal an additional 250% damage and slow by 80%. This stacks with the other band.

Good luck and happy hunting out there, Captain!

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