Rise Of The Tomb Raider: Where To Find Every Mural

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If you want to 100 percent complete Rise Of The Tomb Raider, then you're going to need to find or collect plenty of things. Murals are one of the items on the checklist. You need to go up to every single one of them and read their inscriptions.

Doing so doesn't just push you closer to fully completing the game – it also improves Lara's understanding of different languages, which is vital to translating all of the game's monoliths. So, it's certainly worth locating them all, even if it's not exactly a brief endeavor. There are 31 of the things in total, and here's where they all are.

Syria Murals

There are five murals in Syria, and most of them are around the Syrian Cliffs base camp. Some of these you get during the main story, but they're here anyway.

Mural 1

One of the circular murals is on the southwestern side of the Syrian Cliffs base camp. It's just on the wall, directly below the hole in the ceiling.

Mural 2

The second mural in the area is on the southeastern side of the campfire. It's surrounded by shields and swords.

Mural 3

North of the Syrian Cliffs camp is the last mural in this room. The piece of art is at the top of a raised platform.

Mural 4

Head out of the west exit of the room that contains the last three murals. Then, turn left to find another one.

Mural 5

Now you can ignore the Syrian Cliffs base camp and focus on the Syrian Catacomb one instead. Just north of the campfire in question is a mural.

Soviet Installation Murals

Unsurprisingly, the giant Soviet Installation area contains the most murals.

Mural 1

The first one is inside the southern Crypt. Once you enter the place, you just need to follow the path while keeping an eye on the left wall. Eventually, you will find the mural.

Mural 2

Just a little north of the Crypt is a building that has a statue outside. Go inside the place and up the stairs. At the top is one of the Soviet star murals.

Mural 3

Right outside of the Train Yard is another Soviet star. This time it's on a wall almost covered by snow.

Mural 4

There's another crypt in the center of the Soviet Installation, and it too contains a mural. Simply head inside, and keep following the path. After a short run, there is a right turn, which is also where the mural is.

Mural 5

In the middle of the Soviet Installation is a lumber mill. If you climb up the southeastern side of it, you can get to the roof, where is mural is waiting.

Mural 6

Slightly northeast of the Lumber Yard is a large hole in the ground. Dropdown there, and head to the right to find a mural surrounded by rocks.

Mural 7

The sixth mural in this place is in the Copper Mill Yard in the southern part of the region. It's right by the entrance, close to the base camp and a monolith.

Mural 8

Unfortunately, this mural is in the heart of the Copper Mill, which is a complicating place to traverse. Start by climbing the first train car you see after passing the base camp. Then reach and climb the yellow ladder right in front of you. Next, turn right, jump across, and enter the building to find another ladder to climb.

Follow the path forward to get to an area with a small set of stairs that you must go up. Enter the room at the top of them, where you will find a bunch of rocks on a ramp. Head around behind it to find the mural on the wall.

Mural 9

Once you enter the Cooper Mill by climbing the train car and two yellow ladders, you will see a couple of metal gates. Go to the left to climb up and bypass them, which takes you to the entrance to the Red Mine – you can just fast travel there if you unlocked the Excavation Shaft base camp.

The mural is in the northeast part of the challenge tomb. To be more specific, it's on the roof of the building that contains the tomb's treasure.

Mural 10

On the other end of the Copper Mill is a base camp that's right below a mural. Simply use your broadhead climbing arrows to reach the platform where the mural resides.

Mural 11

This one is among the easiest to find. It's on the side of the supply shack in the northeast corner of the region.

Mural 12

The final one in the Soviet Installation is in the Gulag area. Your desired item is on the side of a building that contains a staircase and several dead bodies.

Research Base Mural

There is only one mural in the Research Base region, and it is one of the star-shaped Soviet Crests. The piece is next to the giant crack in the wall that takes you to the Weather Station base camp.

Abandoned Mines Mural

The Abandoned Mines is another area that only contains a single mural. This one is right beside the Pantheon Corridor camp at the bottom of the stairs.

Geothermal Valley Murals

There are plenty of things to find in the Geothermal Valley region, but only four of them are murals.

Mural 1

The first mural in this area is on the side of a stone pillar, next to a fast-moving river. You can find the spot in the southwest section of the region.

Mural 2

This one is a little more complicated to reach as it's inside the northern crypt – the one behind the waterfall. Swim through the pool of water near the crypt entrance. Next, drop down to the right, and the mural is on the wall next to a bunch of sticks.

Mural 3

The Ruins Encampment area is filled with similar-looking buildings, so it's not simple to find the mural located there. It's two levels up from the base camp in the room where a herbalist sometimes works – her table is always there.

Mural 4

Geothermal Valley's southern crypt also has a mural inside it. Simply make your way through the place until you get to a zipline. Slide down the rope and head forward to find the mural on the left.

The Acropolis Mural

There's only one Mural in The Acropolis area, but it's tricky to find. First, head down the stairs that are next to the Riverside Landing camp. Then go through the door on the left. Next, take an immediate right, and run through the opening in the wall – or open it if you haven't already. The mural is down there.

Flooded Archives Murals

There are three murals within the Flooded Archives.

Mural 1

One of the two base camps in this region is labeled as Chamber of Records, and next to it is a mural. Lara might even comment on the artistic piece.

Mural 2

Once in the main puzzle room of this region, go to the western corner, and jump through a hole in the ceiling. Then you can just walk forward a bit to find the mural.

Mural 3

If you go past the last mural, you're on the right track to this one. However, it's a long path you need to follow that involves plenty of climbing and some swimming. Eventually, you reach an area with plenty of stone walls and statues. The mural is on one of the walls.

The Orrery Mural

The mural in the Orrey region is in a difficult-to-reach place. It's in the area with the large spinning puzzle. Reach the big, circular central platform, then jump over to the west side of the room. Over there is a little tunnel you can go down to find the mural on the wall.

The Lost City Murals

The large area known as The Lost City contains three murals.

Mural 1

From the Threshold of Kitezh base camp, you can use two ziplines to get into the main part of the region. Once you do, turn completely around to see the mural at the bottom of a building between two large statues.

Mural 2

Along with a few murals, there's also a crypt in The Lost City. Use the underwater entrance to go inside, then when you get to dry land, you'll find the mural right in front of you.

Mural 3

The last mural is in the Citadel Plaza. It's just north of the base camp there, past the horse statue. You can find it on the wall.

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