Rimworld Player Adds Late Husband To Game, Wants Others To "Make Him A Part Of Your Stories"

Rimworld has a feature where you can name an in-game colonist by purchasing a special DLC pack. It's a sweet way to support the indie devs and put a little piece of yourself in if you want. One player has used this feature to add their late husband to the game. As an avid gamer, they believe this will be a good way to celebrate and honour his life.

WaterWitch009 posted to the Rimworld subreddit, writing "My husband was a big gamer and he passed away about 16 months ago. I started playing Rimworld late last year and discovered the Name-in-Game feature at Christmas. I thought a really good way to honor him and keep his goofy, gaming spirit alive would be to make him a Rimworld character!"

Rimworld isn't a particularly forgiving game. The characters, called pawns, often die in gruesome ways and have to endure horrible situations to eek out a living. But that's part of the appeal to WaterWitch. "He had a really dark and morbid sense of humor […] So, if you find Duane Padilla in your game – capture him, recruit him, torture him, harvest his organs, send him into battle – make him a part of your stories so he can live on"

People are responding exactly as it sounds like Duane would have wanted. One commenter wrote, "I’ll make him the most fearsome cyborg drug-selling warmonger out in the rim and then make him eat without a table." Eating without a table causes a slight mood debuff, but even with a table, the pawns can be so dumb they simply choose not to use it. It's now become a meme in the Rimworld community.

One person even pointed out how you could be more likely to get Duane in your game. "You can increase your chances of finding Duane, or any "name in game" colonist, by adding them in the options menu. Options -> Gameplay -> Preferred "Name in Game" characters -> Add name… Then choose Duane."

So, if you want to help this person make sure their partner lives on, add Duane to your game.

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