Resident Evil Returns To LifeAfter On December 3

LifeAfter, the mobile survival game from NetEase, will see the return of Resident Evil content on December 3. This is the second time the two franchises have intertwined, with this latest event being billed as The Final Fight and running until December 17.

NetEase launched a teaser website for The Final Fight, offering a glimpse as to what you can expect to see when the event officially begins. You’ll once again be teaming up with characters from the Resident Evil series – including Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong – to take down the Umbrella Corporation. If you happened to miss the first crossover event, you’ll be glad to know that all the items it introduced will be returning for The Final Fight.

You’ll also stumble upon a bunch of new content, too – Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker will make an appearance, and there will be crossover-exclusive items such as a backpack and picture frame. The return of the event also brings the return of the Raccoon Police Department portal, forcing you to face off against iconic enemies from the Resident Evil series. Expect to see Tyrant, Executioner Majini, and even Nemesis set foot into the world of LifeAfter.

You can check out the official trailer for The Final Fight below:

The first crossover event between LifeAfter and Resident Evil was held this past September. You had the chance to earn dozens of exclusive items, skins, and gear – all of which are returning on December 3 – and face off against the terrifying Mr X. and Nemesis. The trailer for The Final Fight looks to be more of the same, with iconic Resident Evil locations, characters, and zombies finding their way onto your phone. However, no actual gameplay is shown off. Instead, we get a CGI short that brings all your favorite RE characters into the same zombie-infested world. If you’ve played LifeAfter before – or happened to join in on the fun last September – then you probably have a good idea as to what The Final Fight has in store.

Zombies, zombies, and more zombies.

The Final Fight begins on December 3 and runs until December 17.

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