Resident Evil Project Resistance trailer still doesn’t really say what it is

Capcom’s latest Resident Evil spin-off looks like a four-player Horde style action game, as they tease a full reveal for Thursday.

The first trailer for Project Resistance has just gone live, but without any explanation from Capcom it’s still a little hard to tell exactly what it is.

It’s clearly a four-player co-op game of some sort but while some had hoped it might be a spiritual sequel to the Outbreak sub-series the trailer makes it look more like some sort of wave-based Horde style survival game.

It all depends on how closely the pre-rendered trailer matches the actual gameplay but the impression you get is that it’s all action, with little story.

You can see the four players, who seem to be ordinary civilians, laying traps and using various weapons against Resident Evil regulars like zombies and lickers.

The implication is that they’re in some sort of Umbrella test facility, which is apparently being overseen by Mr X, or a similar tyrant model, from Resident Evil 2.

Whether the game is actually called Project Resistance, or if that’s just a codename, isn’t clear but Capcom are promising a proper reveal at the Tokyo Game Show, which starts on Thursday, 12 September.

It’s certainly not the first time that Capcom has tried a multiplayer game before but since titles like Operation Racoon City and Umbrella Corps are amongst the worst in the franchise fans will be hoping they manage a bit better this time.

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