Resident Evil Movie Reboot Has Officially Wrapped Filming

It’s almost time to visit an all-new cinematic version of Racoon City – the Resident Evil reboot movie has finished filming. The new film was announced in October, and will feature the franchise’s most iconic protagonists.

So far, everything is pointing to the reboot being the adaptation we’ve been waiting for. The story will feature the infamous Spencer Mansion from the first game. Also, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, and Claire Redfield will all appear. In November, Donal Logue joined the cast as Chief Irons. Filming commenced in mid-October.

According to the Resident Evil Twitter, filming has wrapped on the reboot. Sony hasn’t officially announced a release date for the Johannes Roberts-directed movie, but Constantin Film’s website lists it for September 9, 2021.

Based on Roberts’ statements, the director is set to give us a terrifying take on the franchise. It’s interesting to note that the new movie will feature the big four protagonists from the games. The first Resident Evil was set primarily in Spencer Mansion, while Resident Evil 2 took place in an infested Racoon City two months. It will be an intriguing watch, then, considering how the film utilizes characters and story from the first two games.

Hopefully, this new take on Resident Evil film will prove to be a great horror thriller, alongside being a faithful adaptation. With the franchise’s likeable characters and intense zombie scares, the Resident Evil reboot has a lot of potential. To really make it perfect, Mr. X should make an appearance, or at least the Nemesis in a post-credits tease.

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