Resident Evil: How To Beat Lisa Trevor In The Remake

The original Resident Evil on PlayStation shows its age, but not in a way that reflects poorly on the game. If anything, the fact Resident Evil is so reflective of its era not only amplifies the game’s charge, it actually adds to the horror in some cases. Rather than recreating Resident Evil as it was, Capcom’s 2002 remake strived to present the survival horror experience they envisioned beyond the limitations of the PlayStation 1’s hardware.

The GameCube’s Resident Evil Remake is still one of the scariest games in the franchise, in no small part due to the tragedy of Lisa Trevor. Added into the remake to give Resident Evil more narrative & gameplay depth, Lisa Trevor is the remake’s interpretation of a Mr. X/Nemesis figure – leading to some of the tensest set pieces in the series. Before getting the chance to defeat Lisa Trevor for good, Resident Evil forces players to stealth by her carefully while solving puzzles.

Winding Underground

The Courtyard was a relatively small area in the original Resident Evil and one that mainly served as a means of dividing the Spencer Mansion into before and after. The Resident Evil Remake expands the Courtyard considerably, putting it on the same level as the PS1 mansion in terms of puzzle and navigational depth.

Lisa Trevor can be found patrolling the Winding Underground beneath the Courtyard, accessed by taking an elevator down into the Garbage Compactor Room from the Generator Room on B1. From the Garbage Compactor Room, players can head into the Winding Underground. The fixed camera here can be disorienting, so make sure to stay focused while moving.

Lisa Trevor will also actively follow the player, but she’s slow enough where it’s not too hard to lose her in the caverns. From the Garbage Compactor Room exit, head directly across the cavern to enter the Underground Storage room. This can be done by hugging the southern wall. Keep in mind that LIsa might appear, however, so be prepared to loop around the area if necessary.

Underground Storage

The Underground Storage room features some items to pick up and serves as the first step in solving the Winding Underground’s main puzzle. On the second screen of the Underground Storage, climb up the box of crates to find 15 Handgun Bullets, 6 Magnum Rounds, a Battery Pack for Jill’s Stun Gun, and a Grenade for Chris (the Magnum Rounds don’t appear on Hard Mode).

Head back down the crates and go to the third screen to see a crate. Push the crate to the left and up onto the elevator up ahead. Now press the switch by the elevator to send the crate on its way and exit the Underground Storage to go back into the Winding Underground.

Garbage Compactor Room

From the Underground Storage exit, players now need to return to the Garbage Compactor Room. Lisa Trevor will more than likely stage an ambush so be ready to turn around and loop around her. Back in the Garbage Compactor Room, the crate from the Underground Storage will have made its way over.

Head down the ladder and start pushing the crate off the elevator all the way to the left. Once it’s in position, push the crate into the actual garbage compactor and press the switch to crush it. Drop down into the compactor and examine the broken crate to pick up the Broken Flamethrower. Now return to the Winding Underground.

Lisa’s Room

There’s a lever in the center of the Winding Underground that triggers a display to unlock Lisa Trevor’s bedroom. While avoiding Lisa inside of the tunnels, pull the level and then rush down to her bedroom entrance. Place the Broken Flamethrower on the plaque nearby to unlock her door.

Lisa’s Room is safe up until players wade through the water, where poisonous snakes will spawn. Quickly run through the water up to reach Lisa’s bed chambers. Pick up the Jewelry Box and examine it to get the Stone Ring. Players can now exit right back to the Courtyard from Lisa’s room. Climb up the ladder and return to the Mansion. Grab the Stone & Metal Object that unlocked the Courtyard to begin with and find a Safe Room.

Stone & Metal Objects

To get the second Stone & Metal Object needed to confront Lisa, players need the Metal Object from Lord Spencer’s Study on the first floor of the Mansion. Once combined with the Stone Ring in the Courtyard, the two Stone & Metal Objects can be used in the Main Hall to unlock the back gates leading down into the crypts.

How To Beat Lisa Trevor

The key to defeating Lisa Trevor isn’t actually dealing damage, but solving the puzzle inside of the room. There are four pillars inside of the room which players need to push off the boss arena in order to open the central sarcophagus. Lisa can (and should) be stunned with Handgun bullets in order to buy time, however.

More importantly, anyone playing as Jill runs the risk of needing to baby Barry. If he’s still alive, Lisa Trevor can actually kill Barry by knocking him off the arena. Alternatively, Wesker will help Chris, but canonically won’t die even if Lisa manages to defeat him. Keep a safe distance away from Lisa, only push the pillars when she’s out of reach, and drop a few Handgun bullets if she gets too close to Barry.

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