Relatable Things Every Player Does In Pokemon: Legends Arceus

We all have become enamored with the gameplay and story of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. From the unique way we throw Poke balls, to the introduction of Alpha Pokemon lurking behind every corner, this game does not disappoint with its surprises and overall enjoyment. And while it has introduced a lot of new mechanics, like being able to craft items, there are still relatable things all players have done during Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

From the early introduction of fan-favorite Bidoof to the awesome new way to catch Pokemon, many of you are delighting in the cool and novel things this Pokemon game allows us to do that were unfathomable in previous installments. This game may be huge, but there are still some things that all of us have done that are extremely relatable.

8 Run Away From The First Alpha Encounter

We all have had our fair share of Pokemon experiences, be it from the Pokemon Go app or previous games, but nothing could prepare for the first Alpha Pokemon encounter in Pokemon Legends Arceus. These large and very much in charge Pokemon are fearless and will send terror into the hearts of any unsuspecting trainer who looks directly into their fiery red eyes.

The first encounter with these humongous beings is certainly a surprise and most definitely one that many were not prepared for. They tend to be aggressive and will chase you if you decide to run away from a fight. There’s certainly no shame in running, however, especially if you find yourself woefully unprepared.

7 Jump For Joy When The ‘Shiny’ Sound Is Played

We all love a good shiny Pokemon, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus makes it easier than ever to know when you are close to a shiny Pokemon. A distinct sound plays when you approach a shiny Pokemon and this can be extremely rewarding after spending hours roaming through the Hisui region.

Shiny hunting is a very rewarding pastime in Pokemon Legends: Arceus and the game lets your chances of finding a shiny Pokemon increase if you have a level ten in their respective Pokedex entries.

6 Pretend You Are Eren Jaeger

Shortly into your stay in the Hisui region, you are tasked with joining the survey corps. Now for any Attack on Titan fans, you will quickly know that this is the same regiment that Eren, Armin, and Mikasa join to fight the titans and have humanity escape from its walled enclosure.

Of course, many people have made the connection, and it is just natural to pretend that you are fighting Titans with your Pokemon companions alongside Levi Ackerman and Commander Erwin. Unfortunately, don’t get any ODM gear swing across the region.

5 Compare Pokemon Sizes

Alpha Pokemon are ginormous, even by Pokemon standards. But, it is within human nature to know how big something is and what better place to start than with a familiar reference point? Comparing the sizes of your regular Pokemon to your Alpha Pokemon really puts into perspective just how large the Alphas are and how terrifying they would be in real life.

Moreover, even when an Alpha Pokemon evolves, it retains its large size, so you can continue to compare its size even when it turns into a new Pokemon.

4 Attempt Trick Shots With Pokeballs

The new system of throwing and catching Pokemon is pretty satisfying and gives you greater freedom and mobility when out in the field. Of course, some people have taken this to mean that the only way to catch Pokemon now is to try trick shots.

Whether it’s catching a Gyarados out of midair or simply sneaking upon a Pokemon in the wild, catching Pokemon just got even more exciting. Any way you can get your hands on Pokemon is cause for celebration and if you land a sweet throw that's even more cause for joy.

3 Realize That Pokemon May Actually Be Terrifying

For anyone that grew up watching Pokemon or playing the games, you know that Pokemon are cute creatures that you would love to have in the real world. Snuggling up with an Eevee or petting a Bulbasaur on its head would be a dream come true. So, when the villagers in Jubilife village said Pokemon were terrifying creatures I was very confused.

But, with the presence of Alpha Pokemon, this sentiment is very true. Stumbling across unknown creatures who will attack on sight and chase you across the map makes Pokemon less fun and cuddly and more like things that can and will kill you at any opportunity. While this is a hard truth to swallow, this is the reality of the Hisui region.

2 Chat With Your Pokemon

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has introduced a lot of new features to the Pokemon franchise, but one of the more adorable features is having a chat with your Pokemon friends once you have successfully caught them.

Like other Pokemon games, you can let your Pokemon stretch their legs outside their Poke balls. In this game, however, you can have chat with your Pokemon pals and even nod or shake your head at what they are saying to you. This cute and interactive feature is small but really adds depth to the importance of forming lasting relationships with your Pokemon.

1 Waste More Poke Balls Than You Care To Admit

While the new system of catching Pokemon is a vast improvement than having to battle every Pokemon, it took a little time to catch onto the mechanics of it. Thankfully, the game lets you craft your own Poke balls because too many have gone to waste from bad aiming to simply not timing shots.

We all have started off in a region with more than enough Poke balls to wind up with none due to many factors that may or may not have been beyond our control. Let’s all take a moment to remember our fallen Poke balls. Their sacrifice was not in vain as practice makes perfect.

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