Reddit Pokémon Fan Creates Horrifying Fusion Of All Water Starters In One

This freak of nature is the most horrifying Pokémon fusion imaginable: every Water-Type starter in one.

Pokémon fusions used to be fun and innocent. When it was just two original-gen Pokémon getting slammed together to create a humorous new Pokémon (I’m a big fan of “Lickidude”, personally), it was something that we could all laugh about.

But this? This is something else. This is an abomination to God (or Arceus in the Pokémon universe) and nature.

What you’re seeing is a fusion of every single Water-Type starter. Except for Sobble for some reason, but we’ll get to that later. Every generation is represented in this horrific creature, from Gen 1’s Red & Blue to Gen 7’s Sun & Moon.

We’ll start with the most obvious one, which is Squirtle. We can assume that Squirtle was the original Pokémon considering this thing is mostly made of the water turtle, including the shell, body, head, and eyes. Next up is Totodile, which provides the red spines down its back, and then Mudkip which provides the cheek spikes and weird forehead fin.

Piplup is represented with the blue neck plumage that sort of looks like a bowtie. The little seashell and the blue ear bumps are from Oshawott. Froakie gives the weird white foam on this thing’s back, while Popplio provides the seal-like tail.

When one Redditor asked where Sobble’s contribution might be, user Red_Squadr0n said it best: “Sobble is the depression on the inside of this miserable beast.”

All in all, this thing is a monster. However, Sobble isn’t represented at all. This means that whoever drew this image likely did so before Sword & Shield’s arrival.

This is why we generally stick to two or three Pokémon fusions. On the other hand, this thing would likely get the most diverse movepool of all the Water starters, so maybe it has some use.

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