Red Dead Redemption 2 Just Got An Update And No One Knows Why

Red Dead Redemption 2 players, particularly those who play Red Dead Online, have been hoping Rockstar would go back on its word and give the highly successful game new content. While that certainly isn't the case for now, the sequel just got a significant update on Steam and none of its players have been able to confirm exactly what it was for.

The update was spotted by Kindainappropriate who shared their discovery on Reddit. In the screenshot of Red Dead Redemption 2's Steam page, which you can check out below, evidence that the storefront's version of the Rockstar game received an update has been circled in green. Not just any old update either as at 2.89GB, you'd have to assume it contains something pretty significant.

The replies include a number of theories regarding what exactly the update might be, but the leading one is that the patch is linked to the security issues in GTA Online recently. A serious exploit discovered with the PC version of GTA Online allowed modders to mess with other people's accounts. Some people's accounts were being manipulated to the point that they received bans.

Rockstar has assured players it is resolving issues that led to that happening, and while Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't played by as many people as GTA, it only makes sense that it would want to apply a similar update to its other big game. Not only do players think this might be the reason for the game's mystery update, but it has also only been rolled out on PC at the time of typing this, the only platform on which GTA Online players were exposed to the serious security exploit.

Rockstar confirmed last summer that Red Dead Online will receive no more significant content updates. Despite that, people have continued to play the game, even breaking its concurrent player record on Steam last month. Take-Two Interactive also confirmed the sequel has surpassed 50 million copies sold, making it the eighth best-selling game of all time.

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