“Realistic” I Am Jesus Christ Allows One To Become The Messiah

Nowadays, almost anything can be a simulator. Bee Simulator, as the name suggests, allows one to become a bee and experience all the buzz with that. There’s also the popular Farming Simulator, which gives players the opportunity to become a farmer and live out the fantasy of driving a plow at reasonable speeds.

But believe it or not, the simulator game has just gotten a whole lot more secular. I Am Jesus Christ, at long last, gives players the chance to live out their fantasy of leading a nation of devout followers and getting nailed to a cross for their efforts.

Polish publisher PlayWay has announced today that I Am Jesus Christ is coming to PCs via Steam. The game promises to deliver a “highly realistic” simulation that will allow players to experience Jesus Christ’s life – from his baptism all the way to his Resurrection. According to the game’s Steam page, I Am Jesus Christ will give players a chance to “[…] perform famous miracles like Him from Bible like casting demons, healing and feeding people, resurrection and more […]”

Aside from helping the poor and curing the sick, players will be able to perform over 30 miracles while also getting the chance to baptize people and receive various powers from the Holy Spirit. There will also be a battle against Satan, and if one knows their Bible, they already know who’s walking away from that scrap.

All in all, I Am Jesus Christ may pique the interest of simulator enthusiasts and perhaps even devoted Christians. Who wouldn’t want to put themselves in Jesus Christ’s shoes and experience his struggle Although, given what happens at the end, that may get real grim, real quick.

I Am Jesus Christ isn’t the only simulator published by PlayWay. The company is known for publishing a variety of other simulators like Mechanic Simulator, Thief Simulator, 911 Operator, and much more. There will even be a I Am Your President simulator in 2020 which will allow players to become President of the United States and decide the fate of all US citizens via various decisions and actions.

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