Ranking Elden Ring’s Most Elegant Weapons

As a dark and gothic fantasy setting, Elden Ring's Lands Between isn't exactly a pleasant place at the best of times. Most of the architecture is weathered and crumbling, and that's assuming it isn't already covered with grime, blood, or some other unpleasant fluid. However, while these lands are decrepit, there is beauty hidden under the surface. No, not the plants and animals, but a good guess.

We're referring to the weaponry, some of which feature elegant, elaborate designs that any noble warrior would be delighted to have mounted on their mantle, at least until some random adventurer kills them and takes it.

10 Godslayer's Greatsword – A Beautiful Helix, Wreathed In Black Flame

While the Godskin Apostles aren't exactly pleasant to look at, given their penchant for wearing hoods made of pale skin, their weapons are much more entrancing, employing swirls and curves with aplomb. The epitome of these weapons is the Godslayer's Greatsword, a massive greatsword whose blade is curled into an intricate helix shape. This weapon becomes all the more impressive when it's coated in the jet-black flames of the Dusk-Eyed Queen.

9 Wing Of Astel – A Blade The Pierces The Very Galaxy

Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, is a terrifying beast that fell to the Lands Between in the form of a comet, wreaking destruction throughout the land in its prime. Despite the unpleasant association, the creature did hold a variety of fascinating abilities, and the parts of its body retain those enchantments. The Wing of Astel is a weapon crafted from one of Astel's own wings, and it glows with the ethereal sheen of the cosmos, letting it loose in sweeping nebulas with each swing.

8 Golden Halberd – The Gold Standard Of The Tree Sentinels

The Tree Sentinels are the last major line of defense between the Erdtree and those who would seek to defile it, which as it turns out, makes up a lot of people. To show their dedication to the Erdtree and gently dissuade malcontents, the Sentinels employ these glorious Golden Halberds, whose blades and points feature elegant curves and unicorn-like twists.

Any human brave enough (or insane enough) to fight a Sentinel can take this weapon for themselves, provided they have the prodigious strength required to wield it.

7 Carian Regal Scepter – The Pinnacle Of Glintstone Staves

As a demigod and queen of the night, Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is one of the most powerful spellcasters in the Lands Between. Fitting for both a queen and a studied academic, her Glintstone Staff is no dime-a-dozen spell-slinger. The Carian Regal Scepter is fitted with a special Glintstone known as the Carian Blue, granting it incredible magic potential, especially with full-moon sorcery. Truly, this is a staff made for royalty.

6 Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear – The Symbol Of A Burgeoning Dynasty

As an adherent to the Outer God known as the Formless Mother, Mohg, Lord of Blood, takes his work very seriously. His weapon of choice is not just a gigantic trident covered in vicious thorns, it is a symbol of Mohg's communion with the Formless Mother and the tainted blood she showers upon him. The Sacred Spear is equal measures majestic and terrifying in its design, usage, and ultimate purpose. Should Mohg's dynasty ever come to be, it is this spear that will serve as its symbol and tool of enforcement.

5 Varre's Bouquet – A Bloody Bludgeon In The Image Of A Rose

While there are a lot of things you could say about White-Faced Varre, mostly unpleasant things, you do have to admit that the man has quality taste in weaponry. This exquisite hammer is carved in the image of a bouquet of blooming roses, with each metal petal represented in intricate detail.

Those petals are also loaded with thorns, which draw blood from foes and keep the roses their deep red color. The Bouquet represents the oath of blood Varre has sworn to Mohg and his dynasty to be.

4 Hoslow's Petal Whip – An Intricate Work Of Art

Creating even a basic chain whip from scratch is a difficult prospect. All the links must be individually sturdy enough to withstand multiple blows, yet slight and flexible enough to comfortably swing in an arc. Hoslow's Petal Whip is a testament to whoever crafted it, as not only are the links fashioned into beautiful twists reminiscent of flower petals, but they're strong enough to cleave through just about anything. It's no wonder this weapon is a prized keepsake of House Hoslow.

3 Moonveil – A Shimmering Katana With An Ancient Glow

The various academics of the Lands Between found all sorts of interesting uses for Glintstone and its magic-channeling properties. One such researcher, an unknown swordsmith from Sellia, the Town of Sorcery, forged an array of Glintstones into the blade of a katana, creating the glorious Moonveil. The stones that adorn the blade shimmer faintly in the sunlight, creating an arc of magical light when swung from the scabbard.

2 Noble's Estoc – A Gentleman's Weapon, Daubed In Gold

Fun fact, despite its coveted sheen, gold is actually a terrible metal to make weapons out of. It's bendy and fragile, and would likely break after just a few swings. If you want to make a golden weapon, then, the best course of action is to create one from traditional steel, then coat it in gold. The Noble's Estoc is one such weapon, combining a sturdy edge and an easily-used design with a golden blade and intricate handguard.

1 Sword Of St. Trina – The Implement Of A Lost Saint

Saint Trina is revered by certain clerics around the Lands Between as the god of slumber, bringing their adherents into a world of slumber within their own heart. This sword is a symbol of those clerics' devotion, with its handguard bearing the lilting image of Trina's Lilies. This blade's enchantment spreads a potent magical mist that lulls foes into a deep slumber. Perhaps it was employed by the clerics to bring others closer to Saint Trina's world?

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