Rambo And John McClane Cost £33 In Black Ops Cold War, And You Only Have A Month To Get Them

Time to curb your enthusiasm and get your wallets out. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War’s two new operatives, the two most iconic Johns of the ’80s, Die Hard’s John McClane and Rambo’s John Rambo, will cost £16.79 each – that’s a whopping £33.58 for the pair. What’s worse is that you only have one month to buy them. At least Rambo is shirtless.

While these prices aren’t out of the ordinary for Call of Duty DLC, the time pressure imposed on players means many will have to either break the bank this month or miss out on new content. This feels like a particularly predatory way to get Call of Duty players to fork over their money.

A silver lining is that Rambo and John McCane aren’t just skins, they’re new operatives who will have their own unique finishing moves and weapons. They’re being added to the game to coincide with season three of Warzone, which is sending Verdansk back to the ’80s. To complement the new setting and action heroes, some new structures will also be added to the map today. Die Hard’s iconic Nakatomi Plaza replaces Verdansk’s broadcast tower. It will be the tallest building on the map and feature five floors based on the offices seen in the film.

Players will be able to do missions based on the film, such as trying to break into the vault in the basement or diffusing bombs on the roof. Rambo’s introduction will also see some new structures added: survival camps. These will contain loot and dog tags, an item needed to revive teammates in the new Power Grab game mode. These map changes will only be live between May 20 and June 19.

Of course, it’s hard to get too excited about these new operatives and map updates considering the hefty price tag attached to them. This news comes just after Nintendo faces fan criticism for locking updated quality of life features in the new Skyward Sword port behind a $25 Amiibo, $10 higher than the standard Amiibo price. Many companies are finding that more money can be made on microtransactions than the base price of a game, and with prices like the ones we’re seeing, that’s no surprise.

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