Raindance Immersive Returns Next Week Both Online and In-Person

Now in its sixth year, Raindance Immersive returns in 2021 as part of the wider Raindance Film Festival held every year in London, UK. Today, Raindance Immersive announced the lineup for this year’s event which takes place next week, featuring over 30 works from creators around the world, both online and at physical locations in London.

Just like last year Raindance Immersive will utilise platforms including VRChat and AltspaceVR to showcase its selection of immersive works, curated by Mária Rakušanová with virtual worlds co-curated by Joe Hunting. VR fans will be able to enjoy a selection of virtual worlds built inside VRChat, live performances on both aforementioned platforms, virtual art exhibitions, private tours, and special previews.

“Raindance immersive is back this year with groundbreaking new work by the most brilliant indie VR creators,“ says Rakušanová in a statement. “Immerse yourself in virtual worlds across the VRChat, Neos VR and AltSpaceVR platforms. Take a front-row seat for live musical and theatrical performances. See virtual art exhibitions, from animated cat art masterpieces to giant avant-garde art dolls. Take private tours of virtual worlds, guided by the creators themselves. And discover special previews of new VR games. Immerse yourself in Raindance!”

To give you an idea of what will be shown during the month-long event, here are a few highlights:

  • Virtual Worlds
    • Magic Heist – An adventure ride world inside VRChat where you fight forces that have taken over the Magic Academy.
    • Olympia – Take a short trip to the ancient world of Olympia in VRChat
  • Live Performances
    • The Metaverse Movie Presents: Alien Rescue – A cinematic VR adventure featuring live actors inside the Neos VR social platform.
    • The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite – A theatrical performance with two actors inside VRChat lloking at what it’s like to live with mental illness.
    • Virtual Art Exhibitions
      • ArtspceVR Presents: The Popovy Sisters – Inside AltspaceVR creators ShuShu, Niko and The Popovy Sisters will host their first exhibition, a special collection of Fine-Art-Dolls.
      • Step Into Cat Art – A virtual gallery of the work of Japanese artist Shu Yamamoto.
      • Private Tours
        • Nature Treks: Together – Explore a beautiful island paradise with the creator, supports up to 16 people.
        • Rise: A Sky Without Stars – Creators Mystic Forge will take the audience on a special preview of its post-apocalyptic virtual game world.
        • Raindance Immersive Awards 2021

          Best Narrative Experience

          • Dagon: by H. P. Lovecraft
          • Glimpse
          • Green Fairy VR
          • Madrid Noir    
          • The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite
          • The Sick Rose

          Best Documentary Experience

          • Belongings
          • Il Dubbio Episode 2
          • My Identity Is This Expanse!
          • MYRIAD. Where we connect. | VR Experience
          • KUSUNDA
          • The Leap 1961

          Best Multiplayer Experience

          • Knight of the Wailing Stars
          • Mycelia
          • Nature Treks: Together
          • “Step Into Cat Art” Online Exhibition
          • The MetaMovie Presents: Alien Rescue
          • VRium: Nymphs and ArtSpaceVR Presents: The Popovy Sisters

          Best Immersive World

          • Magic Heist
          • Noir – Nocturne
          • Olympia
          • Pop Escape
          • Rocky Mountain Park
          • Unannounced virtual world (announcement coming soon)

          Best Immersive Game

          • Ragnarock
          • Spacefolk City
          • Sushi Ben VR
          • The Pirate Queen: Night of Succession
          • YUKI
          • Unannounced game (announcement coming soon)

          Discovery Award: Best Debut

          • Belongings
          • Maloka
          • Sushi Ben VR
          • The Leap
          • The Pirate Queen
          • VRium: Nymphs & ArtSpaceVR Presents: The Popovy Sisters

          Raindance Immersive will run from 27th October – 21st November 2021. For continued updates on the event keep reading VRFocus.

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