Racing Mode Is Coming To PUBG’s Miramar Map

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has added a Racing Mode to the game’s PUBG Labs server. This mode will feature high-octane races on the game’s Miramar map, and will allow you to bring along weapons to take out your competitors.

Two tracks will be available on the Miramar map; one on the small island that contains Priso and Los Higos, and the other looping around Pecado and Chumacera. You can choose between the Motorcycle, Buggy, Coupe RB, Dirt Bike, and Mirado, each of which comes with its own unique weapons and stats.

Players will spawn directly in their vehicles, at the starting line and won’t be able to get out. The races are pretty long, so there will be enough time to raise all the chaos you want. The tracks also come with checkpoints where you’ll respawn, should you get taken out of the race. An invulnerability state will kick in for ten seconds after the start of the race and five seconds after respawns to avoid spawn killing. Driving away from the track will initiate a countdown, after which you’ll spawn to the last checkpoint.

In true kart racing fashion, players can also pick up ammo and boost packs to give them an edge during the race. Boost crates will slingshot you ahead with a burst of speed, but will be unavailable for Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes due to gameplay balance issues.

There’s no winner’s table in this mode. Just like the battle royale mode, there can be only one Chicken Dinner and the race will end 60 seconds after the first player in the squad crosses the finish line. The Racing Mode is a limited time event for now, and will run across platforms over two weeks.

Week 1 for consoles, featuring Squads, started on June 3 and ends on June 7. You can race Solo in Week 2, between June 7 and June 14. For PC players, Week 1 with Squads runs from June 10 to June 14, and Week 2 runs between June 14 and June 21 for Solo.

This new mode is only available for a limited time on the PUBG Labs server. The developer has not yet mentioned if it will be added to the game permanently.

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