PUBG’s New Creative Director Doesn’t Want To "Make A Diet Fortnite Or A Low-Cal Warzone"

Brendan Greene, the creator of PUBG, is stepping down from his role as Creative Director and handing the reins to Dave Curd, the former Art Director at Raven Software and Shiver Entertainment.

Curd has been with PUBG for several years and sees plenty of ways in which he can grow and evolve the game in his new position. However, he doesn’t want to “make a diet Fortnite or a low-cal Warzone,” and will instead focus on making it “easier for novices to transition to veterans, and honor what really works about PUBG.” Curd said, “We don’t want to lose the magic of why it’s a hit. I just want to reinforce the things it does well and boost us in ways where we could be deficient.”

There’s no denying the popularity of other battle royales games on the market, but Curd doesn’t want to pull ideas from those games if they aren’t true to the heart of PUBG. “You don’t want to get into the habit of trying to make a diet Fortnite or low-cal Warzone.” In other words, PUBG will remain PUBG, regardless of who’s in charge.

Curd has no plans to drastically change the world of PUBG, but rather wants to make small adjustments to turn the game into a better version of itself. His goal? To continue doing everything that made the game popular in the first place, while making the title more accessible to new players.

“When they do my annual review next year, the first line on the checklist is, ‘Did you break PUBG?’ And hopefully we can check ‘No.'”

At its core, PUBG is a survival game. Curd said it’s not a looter shooter or a massive deathmatch – its survival. That means gunplay, exploration, and tactics are the features he’d like to focus on in the coming years – with a heavy emphasis on fleshing out the exploration and survival components. He also wants massive new maps added to the game, similar in size to 8×8 Erangel.

To learn more about Curd’s vision of PUBG, check out the full interview at Games Industry.

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