PUBG Mobile Season 7 release date leaks and Tencent update feedback

PUBG Mobile Season 7 is now being officially teased by Tencent and is expected to launch later this week.

Based on recent leaks, it’s expected that Season 6 will end on Wednesday, May 15 and will be followed by the new seasonal switch on May 16.

This would be a similar timing to when Season 6 began in Europe in March, making it a bit more believable.

But these have not been confirmed by Tencent officially, so it’s worth treating these latest rumours with a pinch of salt.

The Royale Pass for Season 7 has started to be teased by the PUBG Mobile team on social media, another good sign that things are moving closer to launch.

It’s unclear what kind of theme the new season will include, but fans can expect more news to be shared in the coming days.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 is expected to launch alongside a new update on Android and iOS platforms.

A beta version is already available to download and includes a surprising new feature.

Tencent is currently looking for fans to test a new system that would add companions or pets to the game.

These wouldn’t just be cosmetic in nature and could help you in combat during a game.

They would not be able to reveal your position so their presence wouldn’t be as disruptive as you might think.

Nonetheless, early feedback from fans is that this isn’t something that most players see as a priority feature.

The original message from Tencent reads: “We are currently exploring the implementation of a companion/pet system. Your companion/pet will fight alongside you, and they are invisible to the enemy so they will never reveal your position. How would you feel about such a system?

“2500BP and a Premium Crate Coupon will be sent as the rewards for filling up the survey.”

Here’s some early feedback from fans, as found on the official Reddit page: “Please remove companions. Literally, nobody wants something that does nothing but causes more bugs and blocks your view of the enemy. This is the worst idea ever.”

Another gamer writes: “No companions. Please. They are useless and will use more RAM. People want good gameplay on MOBILE, not some 16GD DDR6 RAM system. Can we please keep it that way?”

Based on early feedback it appears fans aren’t clamouring to see this new feature go live with the start of Season 7.

It’s also unclear if this new system would be ready in time for the latest seasonal launch, which is expected later this week.

If PUBG Mobile Season 7 does begin this week, it will land during the Clube Open 2019 event.

PMCO 2019 includes a $2.5 million prize pool and will have matches running until May 19.

Three hundred teams divided across different regions have been battling it out against each other in the Spring Split Group Stages, with the top 24 teams advancing to the semi-finals.

The PMCO 2019 regions include China, Europe, India, Middle East, North America, South America, South East Asia and the Wildcard for teams that are not included in any of the regions listed.

Familiar faces among the teams who qualified to the Group Stage, include the Star Challenge Champion Team RRQ, and the India Series Champion Team Soul.

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